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The Beauty Beat: Let’s get honest about make-up

An everyday girl’s guide to beauty, skincare and loving yourself

  • Image Credit: Agency
  • Jennifer Barretto, Copy EditorImage Credit: Gulf News

Going through old pictures of myself on Facebook, I found one of me as a teenager where I’m making a silly pouty face and wearing striking eye make-up — silver eyeshadow and thick inky black eyeliner. Teen Jennifer didn’t have a clue that grown up Jennifer would still find happiness in thick inky black eyeliner (silver eyeshadow, not so much) and all the treats that the make-up world has to offer. That picture reminded me of just how much fun playing around with make-up is.

Perfecting that cat-eye flick, trying on new blush, swiping on a new shade of lipstick — they make having electricity bills to pay and dirty dishes to wash more bearable.

But more than being a guilty pleasure, the make-up world has become a multidimensional and magical place, and one of the more inclusive things to be interested in. That world is now trying to see beyond conventional aesthetics and embrace people of all ages, sizes, skin tones and skin textures, and even gender. Make-up is truly for everyone and there is so much to explore, try out and experiment with.

With this column I’m hoping to not only talk about the latest make-up and skincare, but to share my honest experiences with products, talk about the everyday woman’s relationship with beauty and self-image, and just be real about something that is seen an superficial.

So catch me every week in Gulf News tabloid! for my take on beauty.