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Abaya Report from Dubai Fashion Week

From 1001 abayas to Ameera Aamer and Nabrman, designers presented elegant collections

Models walk the ramp with the creations by Nabrman (left) and Ameera Aamer (right).
Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News
Models walk the ramp with the creations by Nabrman (left) and Ameera Aamer (right).

1001 Abayas

There is a certain charm to simplicity that many people are unable to see or understand because they fear that the simple things don't have much to add.

The two sisters-in-law, Mariam and Safa Al Medfaei, got together and created 1001 Abayas, a collection of the simplest designs to prove that too many details aren't always right.

The line has been running since 2007, with designs inspired by Arabian Nights. None of those abayas stood out. Rather, they had simple, elegant touches on a plain, loose traditional abaya. One thing is worth noting though — the use of burqa, which was a first.

For a simple person who doesn't like to draw too much attention to themselves, these abayas are perfect. They're modest, they're casual and they're elegant, in their own unique way.

Ameera Aamer

Ameera is a fashion line that has both abayas and jalabeyas by the fierce designer Ameera Aamer. This collection blends different and opposite styles. It also features a weird mixture of fabric in which you can see more than two kinds, like in one jalabeya.

The beauty of these pieces is the bright and courageous mixture of colours that make them very much alive. Some of them may not be wearable casually, but they still offer an idea that is somewhat valuable to the fashion industry.

What is interesting about this line is that you find pieces that are splashed with beautiful colours and others that are just black or black-and-white which, in this case, offers a choice to the viewer of funky and happy or elegant and classy.


Elegant, simple yet still traditional, this label's latest collection (right) is perfect for a person who doesn't want to stand out. The designer often uses bright colours in very little areas, focusing on the cuts and layers instead. Her designs are absolutely wearable.


This label has a partnership with Swarovski crystals, so it wasn't a surprise to see a lot of that on almost all the abayas (above right). This designer was a favourite because he experiments with different styles and tries to break the black colour while bringing in something new to the traditional abaya.