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Ten reasons why children's events are so much fun

Lorate Hamzeh, managing director The Big Moo Events, share her list with Friday

  • As told to Hina Navin for Friday magazine
  • Published: 15:32 October 23, 2012
  • Friday

  • Image Credit: Supplied
  • 'Every day is a carnival when we make cotton candy and hot dogs in the office for lunch.'

1. I can get kids to do whatever I want, just  by saying, ‘It’s a cool thing to do’.

2. I test all of the bouncy castles, the slopes
and I get to do it with my shoes ON!

3. I can ensure there isn’t a bridezilla, nor
a monster-in-law, within a mile of our events.

4. Hokey pokey, passing the parcel, musical chairs... I get paid to do all of this.

5. I’m the first person in line to get my face painted.

6. When we run out of snacks on our desks, we raid our nacho inventory.

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7. Every day is a carnival when we make cotton candy and hot dogs in the office for lunch.

8. Access to the best parking at an event location (aka, drop-off zone!).

9. I can check out all the latest fashions the moms sport at the swanky events.

10. I get to taste test birthday cakes and other goodies on a regular basis.

What’s your take 10?

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