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10 reasons why concerts are a nightmare

David Menezes, a student of Aerospace Engineering at Emirates Aviation College, Dubai, gives us his list

People enjoy David Guetta's concert in Yas Arena on the Yas Island, Abu Dhabi
Image Credit: Abdel-Krim Kallouche/Gulf News
An outdoor concert in the summer can be a sweaty experience!

1. Whether it is standing for hours or being pounded by a horde of overexcited fans, your feet really do get a raw deal. 

2. The road to the venue is jammed by concert goers who raise the decibel levels before even making it into the grounds. 

3. There will be a group of emotionally charged Neanderthals dancing and singing along. 

4. First a second-rate band plays to an entirely uninterested audience then, after what seems like an eternity, the main band plays for nano seconds. Not fair! 

5. An outdoor concert in summer means being covered in strangers' sweat. Euueeegh!

6. After hours of screaming the house down during one of ‘your' songs you lose your voice. Obviously that doctor's appointment couldn't arrive soon enough! 

7. A large man carrying four to five drinks will try to weave through the crowd, only to spill one of them down the front of your new tee. 

8. Concerts should be called ‘Who can shriek the loudest' contests. Whoever says he enjoyed the music was not present at the show. 

9. There's nothing more annoying than a performer jumping off the stage. Why should I risk fracturing my limbs trying to break their fall? 

10. Mosh pits - how in the world does great music justify getting violent? It's beyond me.