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Tsismis: It’s the right year for Carmina Villaroel

The Filipina celebrity on her wedding plans with long-time partner Zoren Legaspi

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Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi are one of the most well-loved celebrity couples in the industry.

They have been living together for a while and when they went to Japan recently, there were rumours that they were finally going to get married.

Villaroel shares with tabloid! how she found out about Legaspi’s plans to propose, and what happened after she found out.

Q: Tell us about your recent trip with your family to Japan.

A: It was a great vacation for us, especially the twins, Cassandra and Maverick. We had a great time in Disneyland, and it has long been my dream to actually see cherry blossoms, so it was great.

 Q: One other dream, we heard, was supposed to have taken place. Did it? What happened?

A: Yes, but it got aborted (laughs). It was really supposed to be a surprise. Zoren was supposed to buy a ring, and he was going to propose. He’s that kind of man, he likes surprises. And I appreciate that in him. But the plan didn’t push through, because he couldn’t buy the ring that he wanted. His credit card was apparently not activated (laughs). So the kids ended up teasing their father, that’s when I found out.

Q: But will the marriage happen, anyway, soon?

A: It will definitely. It has been in our minds for the longest time, and I think this is the right year. With God’s blessings, we will be able to do it. I don’t need a fancy wedding, just solemn rights to bless our union, that’s enough. We have been living together as a couple, so we feel what others have we already have, it’s just the formality of a wedding. But we don’t want to do it as just another ceremony, we want it of course to be meaningful, but really simple.

 Q: Are your twins encouraging you to get married?

A: Oh, yes. They’re actually more excited. In their minds, there really is no difference, but the idea of walking down the aisle, having flower girls, exchanging vows — they quite like the idea. And I like it, too. It’s a different feeling, I guess. And with it, I know our relationship is going to be much stronger.

Q: Have you thought about the venue for your wedding?

A: I have some ideas in mind, but I don’t want to reveal those yet. It will really be a simple wedding and we don’t want the media to fuss about it. We’d really like to keep it low profile, but we plan to share it after the wedding with photos and videos.