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Showbiz Arabia: Meet the stars of “Dancing With The Stars”

MTV Lebanon’s Dancing With The Stars has become a guilty pleasure in many an Arab household

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Nada Bou Farhat is a favourite to win Lebanon's Dancing With The Stars.

It’s probably one of the worst reality TV shows to debut in the region, but there’s no doubt MTV Lebanon’s Dancing With The Stars has become a guilty pleasure in many an Arab household. The celeb competition — based on the format of the UK’s Strictly Come Dancing — kicked off last month, and now it’s down to the final six, the contest is hotting up.

Hosted by Wissam Breidi and Carla Haddad, Dancing With The Stars saw 11 famous — and not so famous — Lebanese faces team up with professional ballroom dance partners. Helping to coach the teams are Strictly UK’s Darren Bennett, as well as Ivana Ostrowski and Ian Banham. The pairs are then judged by a panel of experts, as well by viewers at home.

tabloid! takes a look at the final five participants.

Michel Abu Sulaiman

Adding some much-needed comedy to the show is actor, comedian, and voice-over extraordinaire Sulaiman

Probably one of the better-known contestants, despite not being that talented in the dance department, his charm and humour has kept him in the competition so far.

He probably won’t win, but we think he’ll go far. Perhaps to the top three?


Nope, we have no idea who she is either, but judging by her performances, Lebanese singer Naya is no doubt still in the competition thanks to receiving the “sexy” vote. The plastic fantastic performer has no qualms about dressing provocatively, and considering she has already released an album (that no one has heard of), this gig is probably going to help her further her career.

Wissam Hanna

The other remaining male contestant is former Mr Lebanon Wissam Hanna. Providing some much-needed eye candy for the ladies, the model, actor and TV presenter also has brains; he’s a trained lawyer. His dancing might not be up to par, but we think his chances of making it into the finals are high.

Rosarita Tawil

Another former beauty pageant contestant is Rosarita Tawil, who was Miss Lebanon 2008. At the beginning of the season, the gorgeous brunette boasted that her classical ballet and hip-hop dance training might give her the edge, but so far we’ve just seen her bump and grind her way to the songs. She’s a little wooden in her performances, but we’ll put that down to her having to always walk like she’s balancing a book on her head, Miss Universe-style.


Mirva Kadi

The national equestrian champion is not that well known outside of Lebanon, so no doubt this will be her stepping stone in trying to establish herself as a model/actress/singer. Half-Lebanese, half-French, Mirva is one of the show’s better dancers, and she could reach the top three along with Sulaiman.


Nada Bou Farhat

Last but not least is Nada Bou Farhat, who critics predict is the hot favourite to win. The talented actress — who has won multiple film festival awards for her performance in Sous Les Bombes – is not only a great performer, she’s also playing an active role in her on-stage outfits, which has helped her in dressing appropriately for the genres she dances to. Opinionated and feisty, Nada is one of the most entertaining characters on the show.


Eliminated: May Hariri, Haifa Haddad, Walid Al Alayli, Nicolas Mouawad and Rabih Baroud

Dancing With The Stars shows every Sunday at 10.45pm on MTV Lebanon. To catch up on videos, head to



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