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Lindsay Lohan: India visit left me shocked and sad

Actress recalls her 2009 trip to make child trafficking documentary

Lindsay Lohan
Image Credit: AP
Lindsay Lohan, 26, is gearing up for the release of her film Scary Movie 5.

Lindsay Lohan, who visited India in 2009 to shoot a documentary on child trafficking, says it was an unforgettable experience that left her “shocked and sad”.

The troubled actress, 26, gearing up for the release of her film Scary Movie 5 on Thursday, said of her India trip: “It was an experience I would never forget.”

“It left me shocked and sad... Making this documentary for BBC 3 has allowed me to lend my voice to the real hardship faced by children who are trafficked,” she said in an email interview from Los Angeles.

Lohan’s India visit had courted controversy with reports saying she violated visa rules. Her detractors felt she took up the BBC offer to scrap her wild party-girl image.

The former child artist and Mean Girls star, who is battling legal as well as alcohol issues, has to spend 90 days in a rehab in a misdemeanour car case.

She says she is thankful to Scary Movie 5 co-star Charlie Sheen, who has also been in the spotlight for his wild ways, for offering her monetary help. 

What was it like working on Scary Movie 5?

It was great fun. I basically play myself in the movie and star alongside Charlie Sheen. It was great working with him and we really bonded.


What was it like working with Charlie Sheen first in Scary Movie 5 and then on his TV show Anger Management?

It was great getting to know him and sharing screen space with him. I also filmed Anger Management and was grateful for the opportunity. I just had such a wonderful day on the sets of Anger Management with Charlie Sheen and the entire crew!


I heard that you were furious at Scary Movie 5 producers for including a gag about your probation being revoked. Would you like to elaborate on it?

What happened was the script included a point where I am seen screaming after seeing my movie Herbie: Fully Loaded on the television. But in the recently released trailer, I am instead shrieking at a news report about my probation revocation. I was promised a final say on what jokes went in and never cleared that gag. But all is well now and I had a talk with the producers and I am pretty excited about the release.


Looking at the recent turn of events, especially referring to the generous act by Charlie Sheen, it seems that you have gained acceptance in the eyes of the people despite the troubles you have been having?

Yes, it is indeed a great feeling to be loved and respected by people. The money Charlie Sheen gave me was of a lot of help and I would be forever grateful to him.

I feel strongly overwhelmed that my friends and fans are supporting me in my hour of need.


Tell us five facts that we don’t know about Lindsay Lohan.

My favourite food is Italian, Chinese, and Japanese; I am allergic to blueberries; when auditioning for Mean Girls (2004), I originally wanted to play Regina; my idols are Marilyn Monroe and Ann-Margret; and I once saved my brother and youngest sibling, Dakota “Cody” Lohan, from drowning.