Fan invades stage at Justin Bieber concert in Dubai

Bieber carried on singing while the stage invader was tackled by security, which resulted in his piano being broken

Pop singer Justin Bieber
Image Credit: Natalie Long/Gulf News
Pop singer Justin Bieber plays the piano on the second night of his concert in the Sevens Stadium in Dubai on May 5, 2013.

Dubai: Justin Bieber got closer than expected to one fan at his second Dubai concert on Sunday night when a fan jumped on stage, but organisers of the show say the singer was not attacked as has been reported.

"I think it was more a matter of a crazy fan trying to find his way to meet Justin," said Thomas Ovesen, COO of Done Events, organisers of Bieber's two concerts in Dubai.

"Nothing untoward happened. [Bieber] doesn't think there was an incident. He lives in a world where crazy fan admiration happens and he almost expects it."

Bieber carried on singing while the stage invader was tackled by security, which resulted in his piano being broken. Watch a video clip of the incident

Ovesen said there were no injuries and the fan was released back into the audience without police being involved.

Juhi Yasmeen Khan was attending the concert with her son, Mustafa Mohammad, who earlier had a meet and greet with Bieber.

She told Gulf News the fan jumped from ramp onto the stage while Bieber was starting to play a song on the piano towards the end of the concert.

Bieber jumped off his stool but carried on with the song as the fan was tackled behind him.

"The show only stopped for a second, he carried on very well. Immediately they tried to fix the piano but all the legs were broken," Khan said.

She added: "We couldn't tell if it was an attack or just wanted to meet [Bieber] because the security grabbed him so fast."

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  • singh

    May 6, 2013 3:31

    he was not attacked. it's a lie and his concert was Boring!!!

  • Nezar

    May 6, 2013 2:20

    He wasn't attacked....and he didn't continue singing, he continued to LIP SYNC.....I guess Gulf News doesn't know the difference. If fans are made to wait hours in heat to watch a performance which is just taped, why not just use the internet?

  • medha

    May 6, 2013 12:59

    the concert was amazing. i feel a few only know he was attacked as he carried it out well.

  • Thomas

    May 6, 2013 10:52

    Why is the caption as Attacked when he is not attacked??????? That's not a correct message to the people.