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A Cancerian royal baby: What it means

tabloid!’s astrologer Shelley von Strunckel gives a detailed reading of the future king’s zodiac

Prince William and family
Image Credit: AP
Britain's Prince William (right) and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge hold the Prince of Cambridge on July 23, 2013, as they pose for photographers outside St. Mary's Hospital exclusive Lindo Wing in London where the Duchess gave birth on Monday July 22.

There’s no joy like a parent getting to know, to bond with their first born. This takes time. However, the birth chart, which is a map of the heavens for the exact moment a child comes into the world, details both their XX and the setting in which they’ll grow from infancy into childhood and later life.

In this particular case, the timing was crucial; had the young prince been born 34 minutes later, he’d have been a Leo with a Sagittarius rising sign, and a very different character.

However, he is a Cancer, with the discreet often secretive Scorpio ascendant and Moon in Capricorn. These crucial factors detail an individual’s character. In the case of baby Cambridge, these, plus the planets’ positions, reveal a child of rare sensitivity and power.

He has a quick mind and is clever, persuasive, a determined character and has a capacity to charm absolutely anybody. Later in life he’ll use these gifts to advantage, as an advocate of the arts or even as a world peacemaker.

Making the best of this requires a thoughtful approach to education. This bright but ultra-sensitive child would benefit from schooling very different from that favoured by past royals. Instead of the rigours of Gordonstoun or the military, a setting that focuses an innovative and intuitive approach to learning, such as Montessori or a Steiner school, would bring out the best in this remarkable but unique child.

His chart also shows a powerful link with music, such that when he’s an infant, his parents will learn classical music – especially Mozart – will calm even the fussiest mood. Later he would thrive on studying music and even learning to play instruments.

All this comes from the six planets in intuitive, creative water signs, with four in Cancer – his Sun sign - one is Pisces and one in intense Scorpio, the rising sign, a key to how this child will function in the world.

His chart also has a powerfully placed Mars, key to ego, drive and the sports the Royal family so enjoy. This suggests while he’ll be adept at physically challenging activities, competition that emphasises individual skills will be preferable to team sports. With his Mars next to Jupiter, which accents horsemanship, competition riding could become a favourite.

There are crucial connections between his chart and those of both parents. The Duchess of Cambridge is a Capricorn with her Moon in Cancer, her son is the reverse, a powerful link. Meanwhile, the Duke has both the Sun and Moon in Cancer. This creates an unshakable family bond. Also, judging by the Duke’s prominently placed Neptune, planet of intuition, he’ll have a special understanding of his first child.

According to the young Prince’s chart, during his first decade, there will be numerous changes in his life and surroundings, as well as a few dramas. Some will be welcome, the birth of a sibling and exciting developments in his parents’ lives. However, several events between the ages of five and ten will be unsettling and demand the emotional support both parents are capable of giving.

What he learns from these experiences, then and in retrospect, will equip him to be a new variety of prince, and monarch, for a new era.

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