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Twist your tresses with a new hairstyle

With a few twirls and these tips from an expert, you can instantly change your image. You're sure to find a style to complement any outfit from these six looks to suit long locks

  • By Ritu Raizada, Features Writer, Friday
  • Published: 00:00 April 1, 2011
  • Friday

Hair styles with Sara Al Khouly
  • Image Credit: Kishore Kumar/ANM
  • Side bun This low side bun makes for an elegant evening hairstyle and is easy to create.
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Our model for this shoot is Miss Egypt- World 2010 Sara Al Khouly. Our stylist, Rachel Mounsey, style director at Ted Morgan on The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, says, "Sara has lovely, straight, dark, long hair. She can experiment with varied styles and still look perfect in each one."

Look 1: Tousled hair

How: For this glamorous style, which everyone with shoulder-length or longer hair should try, part hair into small sections from crown to the nape of the neck. Blow dry each section separately. Backcomb each section from tip to root. Apply hairspray and blow-dry each time you backcomb a section.

Tease a few of portions of hair loose for a casual, unkempt look. Finish with generous use of extra-strong hairspray to hold the look.

Tip: This look works best on freshly-shampooed hair.

Look 2: Trendy plait

How: This chic version of the regular fishtail plait is achieved by pulling the plait over to one side. This style can make you look years younger instantly.

The look is best achieved by using a volumising spray on dry hair at the roots to add overall texture. Now comb hair and make the fishtail plait.

Secure plait with a funky hair accessory or bobby pins where the plait begins and a small band where it ends.

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Tip: Use a generous amount of hairspray on the plait.

Look 3: Side bun

How to: This low side bun makes for an elegant evening hairstyle and it's easy to create. Since it keeps hair off the nape of the neck, it also scores high on comfort. Comb and gather all the hair to one side of the neck and tie into a regular ponytail. Twist this into a bun. Neaten by tucking all loose strands of hair into the bun.

Tip: Smear a few drops of serum or hair-smoothing product on your fingers and apply to hair before twisting the ponytail into a bun for a smoother look. 

Look 4: Soft curls

How to: This look requires the use of a lot of medium or large hair brushes with round bristles - the number of brushes depends on your hair volume and length and can range anywhere between 5 and 20! After hair is towel-dried, part into sections and use one brush at a time, wrapping damp hair around each. Blow-dry hair while the brushes are still locked in place. When hair is dry, remove each brush carefully. Shake hair free. Add bounce to hair with lavish use of hairspray.

Tip: This look can also be created with Velcro or metal rollers. 

Look 5: Classic roll

How: The first step in creating this chic style is to part hair into two sections, an upper and lower half. Secure upper half with a clip, blow-dry and comb through. Apply hairspray all over. Unclip and tie this section into a ponytail and then a bun. Backcomb the remaining lower section and neatly wrap it around the bun. Secure the full wrap with bobby pins. Smooth serum all over the hair. Loosen a few strands in front so you have a fringe. Add a decorative hair accessory if you wish.

Tip: This is a good look to pair with a flowing cocktail dress. 

Look 6: High ponytail

How: The trick to achieving this no-fuss, favourite workday style lies in the way the hair is gathered and combed.

Pull all the hair back neatly, holding it right at the crown. Hold in place with one hand while securing it in a hair elastic with the other. Now, using a fine comb, tease some of the loose strands from their roots from the underside of the hair. Wrap them around the band and smooth out the teased area. Fix in place with hairspray.

Tip: Tame flyaway hair with serum smeared on your fingers.

Model: Sara Al Khouly from Life Model Management, Dubai; Hair: Rachel Mounsey; style director, Ted Morgan, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai; Make-up: Samira Olfat, MAX Factor

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