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World Doctors Orchestra 04 Stefan Willich Photo Credit Stefan Socaciu

First executed in 2007, proceeds from these shows go towards aid projects


The DJs will headline the bi-annual 12-hour beach festival in the emirate

1 - Pink Train by Modupeola Fadugba part of the Contemporary gallery

Ahead of its 12th edition, Myrna Ayad, the fair director of the international art fair lets us in on all that we simply cannot miss this season

TajExpress (1)

Show tells the story of a budding composer Shankar as he struggles to create his first Bollywood score

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tab Goop podcast

Plus, a deep dive into the world of cults and a nostalgic trip down the ’90s

tab podcast 'Wolverine The Last Night'

Marvel’s first venture into audio storytelling features a strong performance by Richard Armitage as the clawed mutant


Red Sparrow 2

This action film gets flatter and more boring by the minute

tab  Pacific Rim Uprising stills111

Follow-up improves on Guillermo del Toro’s patchy robots vs monsters adventure


tab abc show station19 (7)

The new ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ spin-off premieres in the UAE on March 25


The actress plays a teacher with Tourette Syndrome in her latest film


King Farouk

The Important Watches Dubai Auction will feature some rare watches including King Farouk’s Patek Philippe

Leaked Renders of the S9

There’s a new smartphone around the corner. Here’s what you could expect