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Scene selection: April 12 - 18

The Scene team spill all on what they're doing, seeing, eating, wearing and watching this week...

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From left: Farah will be enjoying fish 'n' chips on Tynemouth Beach, Gemma plans to indulge in one of Carluccio's amazing meringues while Nyree heads to The Walk at JBR to watch the Red Bull X Fighters.

I currently have a very long list of books I want to download to my Kindle, so I envisage a few nights in this week stocking up on page-turners (do we still call them page-turners on an e-book?), which includes EL James’s 50 Shades Of Grey, Jane Bussman’s The Worst Date Ever, Emma Forrest’s Your Voice In My head (all about her romance with Colin Farrell!) and Veronica Roth’s Divergent (see page 37 for more – I have to read it before the film comes out!) So, that’ll keep me occupied for a few sessions by the pool, right? Out-and-about-wise, I’ll be hitting up Siddartha Lounge for some weeknight drinks, as well as checking out the new SuiteBlanco store at Dubai Marina Mall – loving the chic affordability of this Spanish fashion label. Finally, have you seen the size of the meringues in Carluccio’s window? I believe my life could depend on me having one this week. Not to be meringueodramatic about it
or anything...
Gemma White, Editor

This weekend I’m definitely going to check out the Tiger Chili Crab Festival at the Souk Madinat Jumeirah Amphitheatre to tuck into my fair share of Singaporean crab... oh, and a few cold Tigers, too! After that I’ll be going to see the Red Bull X Fighters at JBR’s The Walk to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ at the world-class Motocross stunts, mainly because the extreme biking sport is one Mr Nyree’s most very favourite things. This week I’m all about witnessing the fitness, after basketball on Sunday and netball on Monday (sometimes I get confused and start dribbling like a mad woman during a netball game – with the ball that is), it’s a Balance yoga class on Tuesday and a meditation class on Wednesday (with some drinks with girlfriends thrown in after, just to make all the work null and void). It’s also definitely getting hotter, so I plan on popping to Maria Dowling in Satwa for her amazing Ritual-m Hair & Scalp Clay Treatment, the argan oil and peppermint calms my oft-frizzy locks, but doesn’t feel invasive.
Nyree McFarlane, Deputy Editor

You have no idea how much I’ve been looking forward to this weekend... lucky old me is off to Al Maha Desert Resort And Spa to enjoy some much-needed chill-out time away from – well, everything actually. With its clutch of top travel industry awards, I know I’m going to have an amazing time, hanging out in a private villa with my very own pool, endless views over the desert landscape, and nothing to disturb me aside from an inquisitive Oryx having a nose at my reading material. Bliss! As far as outfits go, I’m thinking something fabulous by Essa for eveningwear (his clothes give me goosebumps) and a handful of Banana Republic’s gorge new summer collection, which I had a sneaky peek at this week. Sadly, I won’t be staying for long, but I’ll be cheering myself up when I return home with a marathon American Idol catch-up on the sofa. How good are the contestants this season? I’m totally loving Phil and Skylar (did you catch her performance of Wind Beneath My Wings? I blubbed, J-Lo-style) but choosing a winner from the remaining group? Impossible!
Lucy Wildman, Fashion Editor

I’m still on holiday, Scenesters, but this week I’ve left the south behind and I’m spending the weekend ‘oop north’ in Newcastle. For this leg of my holiday the planning has been taken out of my hands and placed in control of my friend Steph, she’s one of life’s organisers! From what I can gather, our fun-packed weekend will revolve mostly around eating and drinking (like most fun things!), so we’ll be having a picnic on Jesmond Dene, fish’n’chips on Tynemouth Beach and tucking into churros at the market (all depending on the not-so-reliable British weather). On the more cultured side of things we’re paying a trip to The Angel of the North and the Baltic Art Gallery, I’m not sure how we’re fitting this all in with happy-hour fun, but I’m remaining optimistic. After all my Geordie Shore-esque fun, I’m heading further north to see my family in Glasgow and paying a trip to my fave street in the world, Byres Road; that’s if my credit card can take it after London...
Farah Andrews, Writer