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Top YouTube workouts

De-stress, tone up and get fit - all in the comfort of your own home (or desk), and all thanks to our fave video upload site

Tiffany Rothe
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Tiffany Rothe's workouts have a large following on YouTube.

Fitness Yoga

Jane Fonda swears by her, so as you can imagine former model Tara Stiles knows her yoga stuff. The New York-based teacher doesn't follow any particular school of yoga, and focuses almost entirely on the physical rather than spiritual benefits of the practice in her three-to-12-minute-long YouTube clips. Find morning yoga to do in bed, sleep-enhancement moves and ab-toning exercises.

Jersey Shore Kettlebells

New Jersey fitness guru Mike Stehle's kettlebell and body weight workouts are for those who like to sweat during their exercise, and you'll need a kettlebell - around Dh30 from most sports shops. First watch his Common Kettlebell Swing Mistakes video, then start every morning with his heart-thumping, six-minute, rock music-accompanied workout. 

Fit, Fierce And Fabulous Aerobics

While we're almost entirely sure Tiffany Rothe's workouts gained such fame on YouTube because one of them involves her working out in a bikini, her 10-minute routines are actually incredibly useful - and the R&B and hip hop soundtrack is motivating. Our favourite is the 10 Minute Mountain Climber Workout, which works your thighs as much as the dreaded lunge, but is more fun. You need two full 500ml bottles of water.

Stretch At Your Desk

Many of us spend around eight hours a day sitting at a desk, which can wreak havoc on posture, shoulders and back. And fitness channel Spark People's desk workout is one of the best we've found for not embarrassing yourself in front of your colleagues. The two-minute-long workout is simple, not too noticeable and will make a difference if you do it at least three times a day.

Empower Your Body

Exercise physiologist Alycia Kluegl's channel features not only short workouts that target certain areas - her love handles video is particularly good - she also does a lot of talking, giving tips on how to eat, information on what being overweight does to your body and advice on how to stay motivated. If you need that extra push to get going, this channel should be added to your bookmarks.