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Yoga for Glowing Skin Part-1

Bharat Thakur guides you through practices and wisdom of this ancient science of exercising

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Yoga can help you to look full of life and deceivingly young, thanks to its cleansing ability and its capacity to quieten the mind, which accordingly reduces feelings of anxiety, anger and worry.

It should be no surprise that we find smooth textured skin and healthy shiny hair and nails to be attractive — such attributes are a sign of physical and mental wellbeing.

Yoga in general improves skin by reducing stress, which is a common trigger for breakouts of pimples and the formation of fine lines. Challenging poses make the heart beat faster, which increases the circulation of blood flow through the body and stimulates the skin to sweat and release impurities, as well as physical and mental stress.

The regular practice of yoga will help you to achieve a glow from the core that will be visible on the outside.

Though these postures are easy to do and can be done by all at home, as with all exercise, it’s advisable to consult a doctor before starting them.

Sarvangasana meaning “All Body Part Pose” is so called as it has a beneficial influence on the whole of body, including internal organs. This being an inverted pose should be practiced daily to counteract the effects of gravity on the body as we age.


1. Lie on your back with your arms by your sides and palms facing down. Raise your legs up to 90 degrees.

2. Bend your knees and while exhaling slowly lift your hips and back up off the floor as you push your hands down. Bend your elbows and use your hands to support your back behind the rib cage.

3. Whilst inhaling, raise the legs up vertically.

4. In the final position, the body should be in a straight line and your chin pressed towards your throat. Practice slow deep breathing in the final position. Hold the posture for 30 seconds and eventually for 3 minutes.


• It makes the mind tranquil by relieving mental and emotional stress.

• It improves circulation by draining stagnant blood and fluid.

• It stimulates the digestive system.

• It increases blood flow to the head, stimulating hair follicles and brightening the face.

Caution: This posture should not be practiced by people with cervical spondylosis, slipped disc, eye problems, high blood pressure or other heart disorders. This posture should be avoided during menstruation.