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5 ways to fit exercise into your busy life

We give you some easy ways to fit exercise into your daily routine

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As sports go, jogging or running have to be some of the most efficient on your time.

There’s a report to finish, a deadline looming at work and you haven’t been to the supermarket for days. So where do you fit fitness into your schedule? All it takes is 30 minutes exercise, three to four times a week — a maximum of three hours a week for yourself and your health. The health and fitness benefits are enormous. You’ll feel better, have more energy, sleep better, any extra weight will melt away and you'll have time to let yourself switch off all together.

Try the following ideas for fitting exercise into your daily routine...

1. Use your lunch break to exercise

You could go for a run, a swim, a game of squash or badminton, or get to the gym for a lunchtime session of aerobics or spinning. Think of the benefits; a break away from your desk, phone and email, leaving you more refreshed when you come back; boundless energy all afternoon instead of struggling to stay awake after a heavy lunch, and you'll be more productive. Alternatively try a brisk walk; you'll still burn off the calories and raise your heart rate through the exercise.

2. Exercising at home

Invest in some gym equipment for the home and work out once the kids are in bed or while you're watching television. It doesn't have to be expensive exercise kit that takes up lots of space; skipping or mini-trampolining will get your heart pumping and your legs moving.

3. Walking exercise

There are hundreds of benefits to walking and hundreds of ways you could increase it in your life. Such as getting off the bus or tube a few stops early and walking home, walk for 30 minutes in your lunch hour or walk to the local shops to get your provisions rather than jumping in the car. We suggest you buy a pedometer. It will really encourage you to clock-up the steps — especially if you give yourself rewards for hitting exercise targets.

4. Make exercise social

You spend time with your friends, so why not encourage your friends to join in the fitness game too? To socialise, you could all meet at the gym or at the tennis courts, or you could all join a sports club. That way you are getting two things done at once — keeping up with your friends and keeping fit. Furthermore, if you are arranging to meet someone, you are not as likely to duck-out if you don’t feel like exercising.

5. Start jogging or running exercises

As sports go, jogging or running have to be some of the most efficient on your time. All you have to do is put on your shorts, shirt and running shoes, and get out the door. It’s sounds painful but one of the easiest ways to make time for fitness is to set your alarm 30 minutes earlier and get out for jog or run for 20 to 25 minutes in the mornings. It’s horrible when your alarm first goes off, but once you are out there you will feel great. Plus, you will feel great at work, knowing that you have already had your exercise for the day.

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