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Gadget of the week: Touch of style

Gigaset's SL910A adds the much-needed oomph factor to the oft-neglected landline, bringing to it some of the magic of a smartphone

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What is it?

Because touchscreen phones have taken over our lives, German home electronics makers Gigaset thinks you need one for your landline too. But it's not just a touchscreen, mind you, the SL910A wants to be just like your smartphone.


So what's special about it?

The SL910A comes close to being a smartphone. For starters, it's a looker. Featuring a full touch 3.5-inch capacitive screen housed in a shiny metal chassis, the phone sits in its own little classy cradle to charge when not in use. The cradle can also be put far from the base station, so you don't have to stick it close to the wall socket.

You can also store up to 500 contacts and without manually entering them, you can hook it up to your computer and sync your Outlook contacts via USB or Bluetooth. It can also store up to 240 photos, which you can then assign to your contacts or use them as screensaver to scroll through when your phone is in its cradle.

There's also up to 55 minutes of voicemail recording and the ability to record live calls. Up to six cordless phones can be paired with the base station, so you can have multiple headsets in different rooms. There's also a nicety feature called room monitoring, which lets you listen in on your children in another room.

There are three main homescreens on the SL910A: a message centre where your missed calls are displayed, a dial pad for punching in numbers and a settings page where you can make changes to your calendar, alarm and room-monitoring options. Gigaset promises up to 14 hours of talktime.

But be warned, the SL910A is not a smartphone. Besides its funky touchscreen, you can go as far as syncing contacts and pictures, record calls and swipe through its funky interface with your finger.

Still, it's a nice way to sexy up the oft-neglected landline.


When is it available and for how much?

The Gigaset SL910A is now available with leading electronics retailers for Dh699.



Sound it out with Sony

At 6.4mm and 50g, Sony says its ICD-TX50 is the slimmest voice recorder. Interviews, voice memos and more can be recorded as CD-quality Linear PCM or MP3 files, on its high-quality stereo microphone even from your shirt pocket. The glossy instrument comes with an easy-to-read OLED display screen, sound organiser software for PCs for simple transferring, editing and management of files. Priced at Dh699, the digital voice recorder is available at Jumbo Electronics and other select stores.

Beginning on a new Slate

The Samsung Slate PC Series 7 is now available across the UAE. Designed to maximise productivity in a mobile working environment, the tablet allows multitasking on a touch interface. Also, it is light (860g) and portable with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and can be used as a desktop PC. It is available for Dh4,999.