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Simple kitchen hacks for eggs and bananas

How can you tell a bad egg and how do you keep bananas fresh longer?

UAE-based blogger Pawan Manghnani
Image Credit: Zarina Fernandez/Gulf News
UAE-based blogger Pawan Manghnani at Benjarong, Dusit Thani Dubai.

Dubai: You probably have a tray of eggs sitting on your kitchen counter or in the refrigerator, but the question is, are those eggs still good to eat?

And say you just bought a bunch of bananas. How do you keep them fresh longer?

We asked UAE-based blogger Pawan Manghnani to share his two simple tips and show us how they're done.

The egg is the most versatile ingredient in the kitchen. You can do almost anything with eggs. But how you do make sure the eggs you use for cooking are still good enough to eat? 

Manghnani shows us a very simple egg test. All you need is a glass of cold water. And the egg, of course. Watch how to do it:

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits on earth and no wonder, because they're packed with nutrients, including potassium that helps lower blood pressure and protects against heart attacks.

However, this delicious fruit ripens very quickly and has a very short shelf life. So how do you keep them fresh longer? Here's what Manghnani recommends.

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