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Have you started preparations for UAE National Day?

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  • Published: 11:40 November 28, 2012
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Is your school doing something special for the UAE National Day?

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  1. Added 15:44 November 28, 2012

    I am an Indian and was brought to UAE when I was only 3.5 years old so UAE is as close to my heart as India. I consider both as my home countries. As National Day is approaching , I went yesterday to Union House at 2nd Dec street, Dubai where very biggest (so far) UAE flag is mounted and all historical photographs show the sequence of events leading to union of 7 emirates. I was glad to be there and I sang UAE National Anthem there. I proudly displayed the colours of UAE flag through my dress up-photos sent by email Today and Tomorrow I have planned to go to Sharjah Museums. On 2nd Dec I plan to go to Sharjah City Center in morning where 41kg cake (With colours of UAE Flag)will be cut , then I would go to Dubai Festival City. I would also definitely be a part of flag mounting /hoisting ceremony at Sharjah where they are raising world's 7th tallest flagpole. In addition to that , to live the 41st National day , we have decided that my Mom and I will cook red gravy , black chana , white raita and green palak -means dishes of all colours of UAE flag. We had Quiz on UAE today in school. There are multiple activities planned by our school like Essay writing competion highlighting 41 steps of UAE progess , Poetry competion with UAE leaders as theme , UAE Doodle and Class decoration with UAE as theme.

    Ms Arushi Madan, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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