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    Friday Aug 26

    Qasr Al Hosn: Standing guard overa rich culture

    Situated along Shaikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum Street in Abu Dhabi, Al Hosn Fort developed from a solitary watchtower and military stronghold into the literal and symbolic seat of power and is today celebrated as a cultural centre. Though the area around the ancient structure has developed rapidly after the discovery of oil, the old fort's allure continues to enthral residents as the years go by

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    Monday Aug 22

    Abu Dhabi Corniche: A place of memories and magic

    This lengthy stretch of beach has always been a popular location for rest and recreation

  • story 3
    Thursday Aug 18

    Rich diversity in downtown Al Ain

    Most residents who live in downtown Al Ain say it is a fun place. It was recently turned into a pedestrian-friendly area. Shopkeepers also love the ambience since after it was made walk-friendly more people tend to stroll into their shops. The main attraction in the town square is the musical fountain. There is a market here called Omani Market as it attracts a number of shoppers from across the border.

  • story 4
    Wednesday Aug 10

    Jumeirah Mosque: A key feature of old Dubai

    Situated in the fashionable Jumeirah 1 area of the city Jumeirah Mosque is an impressive structure that once seen is never forgotten. It is one of the few mosques in the UAE that is open to non-Muslims and most days streams of holidaymakers and residents can be seen making their way to the imposing mosque. Shops might have sprung up around it but Jumeirah Mosque remains a major Dubai landmark.

  • story 5
    Friday Aug 5

    Abu Dhabi's quiet Financial Centre

    Bainounah Street in Abu Dhabi has an understated appeal that almost conveys a sense of detachment from its importance as a seat of critical executive and financial decisions. Tree-lined boulevards and shady rest areas are everywhere but there are few commercial establishments because of security considerations around the precincts. Those who experience the calm and congestion-free atmosphere, however, have few complaints.

  • story 6
    Thursday Aug 4

    Keeping alive a rich tradition in Abu Dhabi

    We usually don't bother inspecting the money we use many times every day. We may love it, but we rarely give it any attention. Across the world these little notes represent snippets of the history of a country and the landmarks that give it character. Today we look at the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department and Sharia Court, one of the major landmarks in the area and which features on the Dh200 note.

  • story 7
    Thursday Jul 28

    Al Fahidi Fort: Monument to the past

    Thousands of sightseers make a beeline for Al Fahidi Fort, which houses Dubai Museum. It is an oasis of calm in the busy Bur Dubai area and gives a great insight into how Emiratis lived in the past. The fort was built in 1799 and was later expanded. Its original walls were built from coral and shell rubble from the sea and cemented together with lime. The museum is open every day and admission is inexpensive.

  • story 8
    Friday Jul 22

    Al Jahili Fort: Treasure trove of history

    One of the largest forts in the UAE, Al Jahili Fort was built in the 1890s on orders from Zayed The First. It served as a summer residence for the ruler. The natural climate control of the traditional mud brick has now been enhanced by embedding cold water pipes into the walls. The fort houses a permanent exhibition devoted to Wilfred Thesiger, the explorer, writer and photographer. It is a fine blend of the old and new.

  • story 9
    Friday Jul 15

    Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club: Exclusive golfing resort

    The Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, which features on the Dh20 note, has been voted as one of the top 100 must-play golf courses in the world by UK magazine Golf World

  • story 10
    Friday Jul 8

    Over 30 years on: Central Souq in Sharjah

    The Central Souq was built in 1978 and is featured on the Dh5 note. It is located between King Faisal Road and Khalid Lagoon, and overlooks the picturesque Al Jazeera Park and the Buhaira Corniche. The souq has 600 shops and its main feature is its intricate design of Arabic architecture. It is situated at a convenient area in the city that provides motorists easy access to other commercial areas.

  • story 11
    Friday May 27

    Al Bahar: Getting the downtown feel

    Downtown Dubai is like a movie set. A luxury trolley bus slowly rolls along the Boulevard in Old Town, transporting you back in time. The architecture reflects the gypsum clay used in the early 20th century.

  • story 12
    Friday May 13

    Al Mushrif: Where families feel at home

    In the ever-expanding cityscape of the UAE capital, there are still areas like Al Mushrif — tucked away from the ubiquitous glass-fronted skyscrapers — where the ruffled urban spirit can find sanctuary in an atmosphere of serenity. With facilities improving all the time, this area adjacent to Abu Dhabi's central business district is a favourite with families and those who prefer the quiet life.

  • story 13
    Friday Apr 15

    District feature: The mood's sunny in Mirdiff

    Over the Business Bay Crossing and beyond lies a district of Dubai which Emiratis call the New Deira, or Bur Deira

  • story 14
    Friday Feb 11

    Al Sanaiya: A beehive of activity

    Al Sanaiya, the industrial district of Al Ain, is a five-minute drive from the centre of the city and offers a wide range of services to residents. It has an ambience of its own. The colourful shops, the noise of machines and high-pitched conversations, gives it a bazaar like atmosphere. You can find anything in this sprawling district from a car repair garage to a carpenter. “It’s a complete world in itself,” says Shaukat Ali, a long-time resident. There are no high-rises here, only single or two-storey buildings.

  • story 15
    Friday Jan 28

    Sense of vibrancy and peace

    As you drive through the capital city during the day, one particular street is bound to draw your attention. Not only is this street full of traffic but countless people of all kinds can be seen drinking coffee, waiting for buses or walking to their various places of interest. This street is called the Hazza Bin Zayed Street. It is popularly known as Defence Road. It seamlessly fuses the old and the new in a colourful tapestry.

  • story 16
    Friday Dec 10

    Old Airport Road has it all

    The communities and neighbourhoods of the UAE are multiculturally diverse. In this fortnightly series, Gulf News delves deep into the heart of one of the most popular districts in Abu Dhabi

  • story 17
    Friday Oct 29

    Hor Al Anz: Boys' town

    Hor Al Anz is a densely populated district in the east of Dubai in Deira and lies at the intersection of Salah Al Deen Road and Abu Bakr Al Seddiqi Road. It is sub-divided into the main Hor Al Anz which is not far from Dubai Hospital, and Hor Al Anz East, which stretches towards Al Ittihad Road leading to Sharjah. It is a working place neighbourhood and is inhabited mostly by Pakistani and Bangladeshi expatriates

  • story 18
    Thursday Oct 14

    Neighbourhood: Al Rolla, Sharjah

    If you are looking for bargains, you will not be disappointed in Al Rolla. This particular district in Sharjah is known as the place that offers everything, from suitcases to mattresses, and from bicycles to hitech gadgets.

  • story 19
    Friday Sep 17

    Enjoy the Al Bateen hospitality

    The communities and neighbourhoods of the UAE are multiculturally diverse. In our fortnightly series, Gulf News delves deep into the heart of one of the most popular districts in Abu Dhabi

  • story 20
    Thursday Sep 16

    Neighbourhood: Al Bateen

    Al Bateen, the oldest occupied area in Abu Dhabi, has a rich history of fishing and boat-building. There are plans to build on this tradition and make the wharf and marina a natural gateway to the capital.

  • story 21
    Friday Sep 3

    Neighbourhood: The Gardens

    The communities and neighbourhoods of the UAE are multi-culturally diverse. In a fortnightly series, Gulf News delves deep into the heart of one of the most popular districts in Dubai

  • story 22
    Thursday Sep 2

    Neighbourhood: The Gardens

    Despite the rents falling everywhere in Dubai, not many wish to move out of The Gardens, a lush, green development by Nakheel in New Dubai, housing over 10,000 residents

  • story 23
    Friday Aug 6

    Easy living on Khalifa Street

    Khalifa Street is the ideal location for those who want to live and breathe Abu Dhabi city life

  • story 24
    Thursday Aug 5

    Savour culture: Khalifa Street

    Khalifa Street lies between the Corniche and Hamdan Street and runs from Al Salam Street to Al Ettihad Square and is right in the heart of downtown Al Markaziya District

  • story 25
    Friday Jul 23

    Verdant vistas: The Greens & Tecom

    The lushness and low-rise apartment blocks of the sleepy Greens stand in stark contrast to the neighbouring Tecom community

  • story 26
    Thursday Jul 8

    Iconic avenue: Al Maktoum street

    One of the oldest modern streets in Dubai, Al Maktoum Street is home to much history

  • story 27
    Thursday Jun 24

    Sun, sea and sand at JBR

    Dubai Pavement cafes, a pedestrianised zone, the beach close by are just a few of the elements that make Jumeirah Beach Residence a haven for those seeking a Mediterranean lifestyle.

  • story 28
    Friday Jun 11

    Bustling stretch: A taste of life

    Four-kilometre stretch in the heart of Abu Dhabi with its row of gleaming residential towers and hotels is a great place to live

  • story 29
    Thursday Jun 10

    A taste of life on Hamdan Street

    The four-kilometre stretch of Hamdan Street in the heart of Abu Dhabi with its row of gleaming buildings has everything you need

  • story 30
    Friday May 28

    A bargain hunter's dream

    Multicoloured neon lights that stretch along both sides of the bustling street give off a glowing hue

  • story 31
    Thursday May 27

    Al Fahidi: A bargain hunter's paradise

    There are a handful of places in Dubai where you can find just about anything, and the oldest is Al Fahidi Street in Bur Dubai. Though the street is busy at all hours of the day, it truly comes alive at night.

  • story 32
    Friday May 14

    Madinat Zayed: An area of Abu Dhabi literally awash with colour

    Massive cream-walled structure of the Madinat Zayed Shopping and Gold Centre is the focal point of the district

  • story 33
    Thursday May 13

    Madinat Zayed, a shopper's paradise

    Madinat Zayed is an area of Abu Dhabi literally awash with colour

  • story 34
    Friday Apr 30

    Al Mussallah Road is the street that never sleeps

    The street is also renowned for its amenities — everything one could possibly need is available

  • story 35
    Friday Apr 16

    The allure of Sharjah's Old Souq

    While the rest of Sharjah is dotted with modern buildings, this place holds on to the past and people live in simple homes and smile warmly at passers-by

  • story 36
    Thursday Apr 15

    Sharjah's bustling Old Souq area

    Sharjah's Al Shuwaiheen area, which is also known as the Old Souq area, is one of the most popular in the emirate

  • story 37
    Friday Apr 2

    Electra Street: The strip that never sleeps

    It is a short stretch from the etisalat building to Le Meridien Hotel at the other end, but there is so much activity packed into this four-kilometre street known as Electra Street

  • story 38
    Thursday Apr 1

    Electra Street: Heart of downtown Abu Dhabi

    Home to thousands and one of the oldest places in Abu Dhabi, Electra Street is the bustling area of the capital that never sleeps.

  • story 39
    Friday Mar 19

    In a club of its own

    Tourist Club Area, located in the northeast of Abu Dhabi, stretches from the Corniche to Al Falah Street and is home to a cosmopolitan mix of residents and a buzzing social scene

  • story 40
    Thursday Mar 18

    In Pictures: Tourist Club

    The Tourist Club is considered one of the nicest and most residential areas in Abu Dhabi city.

  • story 41
    Friday Mar 5

    Al Khalidiya: a home away from home

    The district is close to many attractions as the corniche is nearby, with shops and eateries offering various cuisines

  • story 42
    Thursday Mar 4

    Al Khalidiya: At home in Abu Dhabi

    Al Khalidiya district lies between Airport Road and Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street and is a busy, popular residential area of Abu Dhabi.

  • story 43
    Friday Feb 19

    A taste of Diyafa's hospitality

    The calm, humid air is punctuated by a cacophony of car horns and roaring engines

  • story 44
    Thursday Feb 18

    A walk down Al Diyafa road

    Gulf News takes a walk down Al Diyafa road to see why it is so popular amongst Dubai residents

  • story 45
    Thursday Feb 18

    Diyafa: Dubai's hospitality centre

    Dubai's Al Diyafa Steet is one of the emirate's most colourful and energetic thoroughfares. Located in the heart of Satwa, Diyafa is a pocket of enegy and culture. Here's a look at some of its sights and sounds