Celebrating 40 years of the UAE

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    Friday Dec 2

    Celebrating a milestone

    It was a memorable day on Friday as thousands of people joined in the celebrations commemorating the 40th anniversary of the founding of the UAE. Parades, music and dance shows were held across the country. Spectacular fireworks illuminated the night skies and lanterns swung in the breeze. The Dubai Fountain danced to the music of the National Anthem and children released balloons. After raising the flag people relaxed in the parks as the UAE went on a long weekend.

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    Friday Dec 2

    Facebook photo competition winners gallery

    Our November Facebook photo competition had a special theme as it coincided with the UAE’s 40th National Day. Out of over 200 entries, 20 winners were selected. The top five were published in print and the other 15 make up this gallery.

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    Thursday Dec 1

    National pride takes centrestage

    Celebrations for the 40th UAE National Day erupted on thursday night all over the UAE with young and old and families sharing the joy. Decorated cars, flags flying high on the houses and school children presenting special skits were all part of the Spirit of the Nation celebrations. As 40th National Day dawns today, it is time to display the national colours with pride

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    Thursday Dec 1

    Download commemorative National Day wallpapers

    UAE celebrates 40th National Day. Join the celebrations with these desktop wallpapers and Gulf News front page

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    Wednesday Nov 30

    Colourful national day decorations in pictures

    Wherever you look, the colours of the UAE flag are displayed proudly as the country prepares to celebrate national day. Vehicles, residences, commercial and government establishments have been decorated to show love and patriotism for the country.

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    Wednesday Nov 30

    Showcasing traditional dance and music

    Highlighting UAE tradition as people celebrate National Day

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    Wednesday Nov 30

    Time to celebrate

    There’s joy in the air as UAE residents wait for the big day on December 2 when the country celebrates the 40th year of the formation of the UAE federation. Buntings are everywhere, and people are vying with each other to have the most colourful and brightly-lit building in the neighbourhood. Expatriates are joining in the joy as many feel they are playing a part in the growth of the nation.