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Can my employer fire me without explanation?

An investigation into work performance must be launched before an employee can be dismissed

A reader from Dubai asks: I work for a company in  Dubai as an HR for last 7 years. Recently the owner has asked me in writing to leave the work place with 2 months notice sighting "unsatisfactory performance. I spoke with my manager and asked him if there is any problem with my work or any work is pending from my side or any work I have not completed but there was no response from any one.

I had written a letter to the company owner asking for an explanation for this remark and how can they say my performance has suddenly become unsatisfactory. In fact I have been always appreciated by my direct managers for the work I have done  a lot for the company. Please advise urgently what option do I have as per the labour law. Can I ask ministry of labour or Dubai court to reinstate me again in my company in case I proved that my termination was against the labour law?

I would like to tell the questioner that he might be dismissed arbitrarily by his company especially as in the event of the employee’s default the law requires that an investigation shall be carried out with the said employee, notify him in writing, and attach the investigation result in his personal file and then the termination applied. Therefore, I advise the questioner to file a complaint before the labour ministry and in case no amicable solution reached with the employer then he has the right to ask the labour ministry to transfer the case to the labour court. To claim all his rights in addition to a compensation for arbitrary dismissal. Finally the questioner as per the labour law can’t ask the ministry of labour or labour court to reinstate him again.