GN Focus | Smart & HD Televisions

  • story 1
    Thursday Jun 27

    3D out, 4K in?

    Manufacturers and content providers are turning their backs on the eye-popping format

  • story 2
    Wednesday Nov 28

    Smarter fare for couch potatoes

    As the world of TV-viewing evolves, next year may finally be when set-top boxes get kicked to the curb

  • story 3
    Wednesday Nov 28

    Exciting gadgets you must have!

    GN Focus tests the coolest products in the market today and reports on some superior, worthwhile upgrades to consider for the holidays

  • story 4
    Wednesday Nov 28

    Great sound, no speakers around

    Now lay your hands on TVs with in-built sound systems to avoid the clutter of cables and speakers

  • story 5
    Tuesday Nov 27

    A view of the future

    Alongside the ongoing size war is the smart, OLED and 4K technology revolution, which promises to change the way we watch television