GN Focus | Small Appliances

  • story 1
    Thursday Jul 25

    There’s a Bugatti in my kitchen!

    The latest range of über chic small home appliances is intuitive and incredibly stylish, and drives form and function to new levels

  • story 2
    Thursday Jul 25

    Small wonders

    Efficient, convenient and multifunctional — contemporary homes are fast embracing smart technology

  • story 3
    Thursday Jul 25

    It’s a celebrity cookoff!

    Celebrities hop onto the home appliances brand wagon for a slice of the lucrative endorsement pie

  • story 4
    Thursday Jul 25

    From reel to reality

    We may not have seen them coming. But we have seen their fantasy avatars in popular culture. Here are some real-life gizmos inspired by movies, books and postcards

  • story 5
    Thursday Jul 25

    Beat your travel trials

    Beat your travel trials

  • story 6
    Wednesday Jul 18

    'Think before you take'

    From GPS-enabled devices to electric sterilisers, frequent travellers reveal what their bags carry when they’re on the move

  • story 7
    Wednesday Jul 18

    Squeeze out!

    Keeping small kitchen gadgets free of grime is no easy task. We offer you a few tips and tricks to start you off

  • story 8
    Wednesday Jul 18

    Appliances you want (but might not need)

    Some nifty gadgets add extra sparkle to our kitchens and homes, yet we procrastinate buying them. GN Focus profiles five clever kitchen appliances she’d absolutely love to have

  • story 9
    Wednesday Jul 18

    Gender blender

    Do men really need blenders? GN Focus revisits the age-old debate and whips up a brainstorm

  • story 10
    Wednesday Jul 18

    Create the ideal bachelor pad

    Your weekend with the boys will become a lot easier with these kitchen tools. From sandwiches to chilled beverages, GN Focus nails the perfect devices for an average bachelor kitchen