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Make the best of each day of the month of Ramadan with mobile apps tailored to perfectly suit your lifestyle

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Over the past few years, age-old traditions have started to realise the advantages of modern technology. This has helped people approach their beliefs with added ease. This Ramadan, smartphone manufacturers have entered the mix, offering a variety of applications and personalised themes to compliment the month-long fast.
Here are a few must-have downloads available across four different platforms.


Ramadan is Here
This app covers various topics for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The app explains the fasting process while reminding users of the principles of unity, brotherhood and related important values.
The app has a dedicated downloads section that allows users to download preferred PDFs or MP3 files that highlight the Quran, the preparation for Ramadan and the holy month itself.

iDuas Ramadhan
The app contains a detailed guide on what to do for Ramadan. Users can access prayers and salutations that are recommended for recitation during the holy month. Similar to the Ramadan is Here app, iDuas Ramadhan also allows users to download MP3s for each prayer.

Quizz Islam
This app is an interactive and educational addition to your smartphone. Quizz Islam allows users to test themselves and learn about Islam in an entertaining way. The app also offers a brief explanation towards the end of each question. Quizz Islam is the ideal app for get-togethers, especially those with younger children.


Islamic Pocket Guide
The Islamic Pocket Guide provides interesting and valuable new features such as a reminder and prayer schedule. The app also has a Qibla direction guide and the azan call to pray. The app is immensely user-friendly and takes up minimum memory on your BlackBerry due to its small size.

Call to Pray (English and Arabic)
This application is chock-full of several smart features which will prove useful to anyone observing fasts during the holy month. Similar to other apps, this app gives you all prayer times based on your selected country and city or based on your current location. Additionally, the app also allows users to download extra adhan sounds and share prayer times via BlackBerry messenger, SMS, email or facebook.

Sahih Bukhariv (Arabic)
This app helps users learn about Hadiths. Users can read, listen, learn and share their favourite Hadiths with friends and family via SMS, email and facebook.


iPray: Prayer Times and Qibla Compass
This app greatly benefits from the iPhone’s precise internal compass. iPray assists users with accurate prayer timings and Qibla direction from anywhere in the world. Users can also access a countdown on the exact amount of time left before the next prayer.

Ramadan Times 2012
Ramadan Times 2012 helps users with the suhoor, iftar and salah timings every day based on their location. The application also shows the Hijri date and provides duas in Arabic and English languages.

Ramadan Diet Plan
The Ramadan Diet Plan is a must-have app for iPhone users observing a fast during the holy month. The app offers daily scripture verses, a daily diet programme, remedies for hunger pangs and suggestions for various light exercises.


Ramadan Video Ringtones
This app brings you Ramadan prayers and special videos that you can set as ringtones. The app allows users to set new content everyday and experience the spirit of Ramadan with every phone call.

Ramadani is one of the best Ramadan apps available in the Ovi Store. The app tracks your activities during the holy month and notes down your daily progress in terms of required activity. The app is also available in Arabic.
This is also a perfect Nokia app for daily Ramadan dua. The app contains a large number of Islamic dua that individuals can benefit from in their daily lives. A plus point of this app is that users can also send their daily preferred dua via SMSs charged at the normal rate.


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