GN Focus | Health Care

  • story 1
    Monday Jan 27

    One stop for all the top medical inventions

    GN Focus brings you some of the key inventions at this year’s Arab Health exhibition

  • story 2
    Monday Jan 27

    Steroids: 'Everyone in the gym uses them'

    Steroids spell trouble for gym freaks as health authorities seek ways to curb abuse

  • story 3
    Monday Jan 27

    The law’s got you covered

    How does the new health insurance law apply to you? GN Focus outlines the Things you need to know about mandatory health insurance in Dubai

  • story 4
    Monday Jan 27

    Stretch your way to health

    Type 2 diabetes is widely prevalent across the UAE, but routines such as yoga may help control insulin levels

  • story 5
    Monday Jan 27

    Is your job killing you?

    From laptop neck to early ageing, we look at how stress tells on your health

  • story 6
    Monday Jan 28

    Look what the doctor ordered

    Overprescription and the abuse of specialised care lead to rising premiums. Patient education can help, say experts

  • story 7
    Monday Jan 28

    Gadgets bring health care into the home

    From a fork that slows you down when eating to apps allowing remote monitoring, technology could be key to well-being

  • story 8
    Monday Jan 28

    Age no bar to fitness

    Actress and exercise diva Jane Fonda is in top shape at 75. Her new book explains how

  • story 9
    Monday Jan 28

    Drawing the line on stress

    You’ve got to understand how much pressure you can take. Failure to do so can cause serious health trouble

  • story 10
    Monday Jan 28

    Health care picks up in the UAE

    With the entry of global players, significant budget allocation and alternative medicine, the UAE is expected to give stiff competition to South East Asia