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End of parking woes in Sharjah

There are several options on offer for residents to find proper space.

Parking meter in Sharjah
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A commuter checks out a parking meter at the Al Yarmook area in Sharjah.
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Sharjah: Parking in the city of Sharjah will no longer be an ordeal, as the municipality has created a range of parking options, including reservation of parking spaces in advance and prepaid parking cards that will make it easier for residents.

The first step for motorists to obtain a parking space is to provide a copy of the vehicle registration card, either to the office of Transport and Freightage Department of Sharjah Municipality, located next to the new Fruit and Vegetable Market, or to any local branch of Sharjah Municipality. Motorists can then choose between purchasing three types of parking subscriptions: Optional, Temporary or Diamond.

Optional parking stickers can be used for two ‘regular' areas for Dh1,300 a year, two ‘vital' areas for Dh1,700 a year, or one ‘regular' and one ‘vital' area for Dh1,700. Temporary Subscription can be used all over the city for 10, 20 or 30 days, respectively at the cost of Dh170, Dh290 and Dh390.

Topping up cards

The Diamond subscription also allows motorists to park all over the city for three months, six months or one year at a time, at the cost of Dh850, Dh1,400 and Dh2,300 respectively.

Subscribers will receive a sticker that should be placed on the dashboard of the vehicle, in addition to a membership card which has the customer's information.

If motorists wish to top-up their parking cards, they can do so by purchasing rechargeable cards at any branch of Sharjah Municipality, in denominations of Dh50, Dh100 and Dh200.

In the central business district, entrepreneurs have the option to pay Dh7,000 for a parking space that is equipped with a metre-high metal barrier, which only allows access to motorists by remote control.

"The reserved parking spaces are granted to businesses and employees working at banks and government buildings," said Abdul Rahman Al Mahmoud, Head of the Transport and Freight Department, Sharjah Municipality.

"However, residents can also apply for spaces if they do not have a designated parking lot behind their building."

For more information contact the customer service section at 800833 or

Required documents

The Optional Subscription, which is popular among residents, provides parking spaces for:

 Two ‘regular' areas: Dh400 for three months, Dh600 for six months and Dh1,300 for one year.

- Two ‘vital' areas: Dh500 for three months, Dh1,000 for six months and Dh1,700 for one year.

- One regular area and one vital area: Dh500 for three months, Dh1,000 for six months Dh1,700 for one year.

Dubai's parking hours

Paid parking hours: 8am-1pm

- Free parking: 1pm-4pm

-  Afternoon paid parking: 4pm-9pm

- Violators will be fined.

- On Fridays and official holidays parking is free throughout Dubai.

For further inquiry contact or dial 8009090.

mparking in Dubai

-  Besides prepaid parking cards and No1 cards with flexible payments, Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) also offers another immediate paid parking service called mparking service.

This service is very flexible and entitles the user to pay parking fees by sending an SMS message from a mobile phone in a predefined format to the 7275 PARK number. Then the user will receive a confirmation message with the parking details and will be charged a fee of 30 fils for each SMS sent to 7275. Time extension is allowed as well and the system will automatically inform the user by sending a reminder message once the paid time is over allowing the user to extend the time. This service is only applicable for the same zones.

Only Dubai private registered cars can use this service without registering. Users with non-Dubai plates should register online to use the service.

— By Fatma Salem, Staff Reporter



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I think this is a good thing what you are doing and it will help in generating more revenue for the government but looking at our pocket is it possible to provide half an hour or 15 mins parking and charge accordingly.I think this is going to save money and make everyone happy. why i should pay for one hour when I just need the parking for 15 min or more.Can you please do something about it.


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