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10 Wonderful smells

We all have our personal lists - of the zaniest/quirkiest/funniest/craziest/smartest... We devote this page to them. This week, Kulsoom Zakir lists...

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Kulsoom Zakir is a mechanical engineering student at
NED University (Karachi), Abu Dhabi. He reveals his top 10 wonderful smells.

Baby products Ever wondered why babies smell so good even though all they do is dirty their diapers all day? The secret lies in sweet-smelling baby products.

Leather bound books They emit an exciting scent which is a mix of paper-pulp, dried powder ink, dust and chemically treated leather. Call it the smell of knowledge if you like!

Roses It seems someone captured love in a fragrance and sprayed it on all roses.

A favourite dish Have you ever noticed how the aroma of your favourite home-cooked meal overpowers all other senses and leads you straight to the dining table?

The sea To me, nothing smells as refreshing as the sea breeze. Its scent is a revitalising mix of salt and sea secrets.

A new car Nothing can be more appealing to a man than the scent of his brand new leather-upholstered car. My suggestion: bottle the fragrance and sell it as a ladies' perfume.

Mama's hands There's a comforting aroma that emanates from all mothers. Though comfort is mostly associated with touch, surprisingly my mother's delicate scent soothes me.

Petrol Some people can't stand the odour but I like it – probably because I'm an engineer. When filling up gas
I always roll down my window.

Money Have you ever smelled a Dh1,000 note? It smells good to me!

Scented candles and aroma oils It would be a shame not to mention these, since they're so soothing and help one unwind after a hard day's work.