Etisalat launches new data plans

Daily unlimited data for only Dh5

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Abu Dhabi: Etisalat announced the launch of the UAE’s first ever unlimited daily and 100MB weekly data plans for new and existing Wasel prepaid mobile customers. The new plans, which will be available from today, give more choice and control to mobile Prepaid Internet users. The newly-announced plans are priced at a daily rate of Dh5 for an unlimited data plan and Dh20 for a generous 100MB weekly data plan.

Etisalat has also reduced the monthly plan and pack charges to a lower monthly rate of Dh99 instead of Dh145 for 1GB data and Dh249 instead of Dh295 for 5GB data. Data usage out of bundle rates for 100MB weekly or 1GB/5GB monthly plans are Dh1/1MB.

Designed for customers who want seamless data usage, each of the daily, weekly and monthly prepaid data plans provide customers with auto-renewal feature to save time and effort. Once the initial subscription expires, automatic renewal will occur from the next time the customer accesses the Internet.

Khalid Al Khouly, Chief Marketing Officer at etisalat, said, “People in the UAE are increasingly consuming the internet using their smartphone devices or tablets for surfing the web and staying in touch with friends or colleagues through emails, messengers or social networking sites. The new price points for the daily and weekly plans make data affordable for everyone to use to their desired content. Our customers can conveniently stay connected and download content throughout the day without feeling a strain on their pockets. We are confident that, with our reliable Internet connectivity across the UAE and now these affordable plans, we are greatly improving the value proposition to all of our customers.”

The new mobile Internet plans can be purchased by sending an SMS to ‘1010’ for a cost of 30 fils per SMS. Send “DP” for the unlimited daily plan, “WP” for 100MB weekly plan, “M1G” for the 1GB month plan and “M5G” for the 5GB monthly plan.


  • George

    09-Sep-2012 17:27

    I agree with Mr. Dilip, etisalat should think about international data pakages for iPhone users

  • Adam

    09-Sep-2012 14:56

    The Dh5 daily package is far from 'unlimited' - 25mb of data usage, which won't get you far. At least etisalat is trying to be competitive, however they are still no cheaper than du.

  • Sathar

    09-Sep-2012 14:19

    I absoluted agreed with Mr. Bobby's comment....

  • Peds

    09-Sep-2012 13:49

    Good news but It will take time to activate!

  • Mohammad Dawood

    09-Sep-2012 13:44

    etisalat now also must open Skype blocked site since none othersblocking Skpe use.

  • Bobby

    09-Sep-2012 13:15

    The etisalat internet package pricing has to be reduced as compared to countries around it's still very expensive and that's one of the reasons its competitor du has grown.

  • joy varghese

    09-Sep-2012 13:07

    long awaited, but still some other's are cheaper, like in other countries

  • Dilip

    09-Sep-2012 12:07

    Etisalat has to now think of plans with international roaming data plans introduced to its smartphone users. Currently only Blackberry enjoys this support with a monthly unlimited global package. Having something similar for the iPhone and Android users will also see salesincreasing by leaps and bounds, as roaming data charges prove to be another major drain on the pockets for a regular traveller.

  • Sam

    09-Sep-2012 11:55

    When will they come down to a world price? Unfair! And du has a package of 40MB which is good for a whole month and charges Dh20. It's high time ... new players enter the market for some stiff competition.

  • Mohammad

    09-Sep-2012 11:18

    Nice. Etisalat is slowly giving life to my mobile and other smart devices. Thanks for this move. you need to get a bit more cheaper.

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