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iPhone 5 available for Dh4,200 at Gitex

Retailers hope to recoup costs of participating at expo with margins on Apple device

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Dubai: Apple’s iPhone 5 is being offered by a number of retailers at the Shopper, with prices starting from Dh4,200 for the 16GB version. Most retailers, including Jacky’s and Vahedna Trading, are offering the iPhone 5 at this price.

It is also being sold at the wholesale price of Dh3,400-Dh3,800 by some importers. So, each retailer is making about Dh900 a piece. From a retailer’s point of view, this provides a good margin when compared to other gadgets. Most retailers are banking on the iPhone 5 to recover their cost of participation at the Shopper.

However, some online retailers are offering the same for Dh3,750 but one has to place an order, and delivery is subject to availability and shipment. Most consumers can’t wait to lay their hands on this Apple product even though commercial services for the iPhone 5 will take a while to come.

In the meantime, some people are helping shoppers to cut their existing micro SIM card to fit into the iPhone 5’s nano SIM slot. The customers can then access their current services through the resized SIM card.

“We hope to recover majority of our costs with the iPhone 5 and a few other products,” Faisal Vahedna, managing director of Vahedna Trading LLC, said.

According to retailers, the iPhone 5 is the product that has received the most enquiries at Shopper so far.