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Some of the latest releases for iphones and ipads

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Marie Claire Runway 3

This is the latest iPad app from Marie Claire magazine, focusing on the Spring/Summer 2013 fashion collections. It promises videos of key clobber trends this season, along with live footage of the New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion shows.iPad

Football Week

Future’s digital-only magazine focuses on the English Premier League, with interviews and match previews, then live data piped in from the Press Association while matches are in progress. iPad

After Burner Climax

Sega’s famous dogfighting game franchise comes to iOS, promising an array of real fighter jets, 20 stages to fly through, and three game modes to test your airborne skills. It plays nice with Apple’s AirPlay technology too, to play on bigger screens.iPhone / iPad


Big things are expected of Mailbox, an email app for iPhone promising that it “puts email in its place”. That means swipe-simple archiving and deleting, as well as chucking emails out of your inbox temporarily to focus on the important ones. Mailbox is controversial, though, for its first-come first-serve reservations policy: if you download it now, there are more than 730k people waiting in a virtual queue ahead of you for access.iPhone


Chatting and dating app Badoo has been very popular on smartphones as in 150m-people popular as a way for people with similar interests to hook up. Now it’s been redesigned for a native iPad version. Expect lots of on-screen thumbnails of possible partners, with chat sitting neatly alongside.iPad


Gigs make me happy, but so do a lot of other things. Happier is an app that wants to help me (and you) track “happy moments you find in every day”, while sharing them with friends and family who may or may not be a.) happy too or b.) interested. The theory behind it, though, is that focusing on happy moments and sharing them “makes you happier and healthier”. Its challenge is to persuade lots of people they need a specific app for this, rather than just posting on Facebook or Twitter.iPhone


Readmill has been available for a while on iPad, but this slick e-book reader app has now been squeezed down for iPhone too. It lets you read e-books in the ePUB, PDF and Adobe DRM formats, highlighting quotes, sharing to social networks, and commenting on other people’s highlights.iPhone

BBC Sport

BBC Sport launched an iPhone app in the UK in January 2013, but now a separate version has been released for international users. Features include news, live scores and stats for a range of sports, as well as live text coverage of various international events. Video will follow (as will an Android version).iPhone

Beastie Bay

Released for Android in 2012, Japanese developer Kairosoft’s freemium game has now made the leap to iOS. It’s a cross between Pokemon-style monster-catching and battling and FarmVille-esque village building, with characterful pixelly graphics and addictive gameplay.iPhone / iPad

Faces iMake ABC

Robots made from saucepans and a Santa with an aubergine for a nose? Those are among the surreal charms available in Faces iMake ABC. It’s an educational alphabet app for young children, who have to reassemble the various characters made from household objects one per letter.iPad

Zombie Typomaniac HD

The Typing of the Dead famously turned Sega’s The House of the Dead zombie lightgun-shooter games into educational typing titles. Zombie Typomaniac does a very similar thing for iPad, getting you to slay hordes of the undead with touchscreen-typing skills alone.iPad

It’s Showtime!

A great app for soul and jazz buffs or casual fans alike, this app serves up one-hour radio-style shows focusing on individual record labels, from Stax, Motown and Atlantic through to Prestige, Blue Note and Pablo, with DJs picking out choice tracks to stream to an iPhone.iPhone


AudioBox offers a new take on cloud music, since it doesn’t lock you into one particular service. Instead, it streams music tracks from Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, YouTube, SoundCloud and its own service wherever you’ve chosen to store them.iPhone

Seesaw for iPhone

In 2012, an app called LoveThis promised “recommendations with friends” a quick way to get tips from friends on a range of subjects. Now Seesaw for iPhone does a similar thing, albeit more through push-polls where you ask friends for opinions, sending photos to illustrate it. The app works over Twitter and Facebook, or via text message for more privacy.iPhone

Young Driver

This UK-focused app comes from The Co-operative Insurance, and is aimed at young drivers. You may have guessed that from the name, of course. It runs on their iPhone and rates their driving from 1-5, with the aim of showing them whether they’re eligible for the company’s Young Driver insurance policy.iPhone

Roar Rampage

There are probably some bad games based on giant dinosaurs punching buildings into dust, but I’ve yet to find one. Roar Rampage takes its cues from classic arcade-game Rampage, but updates it for 2013 with more weapons, power-ups and boss fights, not to mention in-app purchases.iPhone / iPad

Sylenth1: Synth Focus

This iOS app is the work of publisher Future’s Computer Music magazine the first in a series of apps promising to explore the latest software synthesizers. Expect video tutorials, a developer interview and tips from the professional musicians who use the Sylenth1 synth.iPhone / iPad

ProCutX for Final Cut Pro X

Another app for professional creatives, albeit this time video editors rather than musicians. ProCutX runs on an iPad and controls the Final Cut Pro X software on the user’s Mac, offering an elegant touchscreen interface for key features.iPad

Metal Slug 2

One for retro-gaming fans this: the second Metal Slug game from SNK Playmore, brought up to date for iOS devices in 2013. New features include a mission mode to choose which level to play, and controls reworked to be less fiddly on a touchscreen.iPhone / iPad


Okay, one more romance-themed app, this time very much tongue-in-cheek. It’s “a relationship app for adults” based around men earning and losing “GoodBucks” for their behaviour. Tasks include “Quiche for lunch”, “dinner with the in-laws” and “holding hands in public”, with rewards including “burping pass” and “bowling and beer”.iPhone

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