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Expo expected to create job bonanza

277,149 new jobs expected to be created, research shows

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Paris: Expo 2020 is expected to boost employment – mostly in the short term, when construction picks up.

In addition to airlines, tour operators, ground handling agents, event management companies, car rental companies, contractors, interior fit-out providers, retailers, small businesses and a host of other sectors will see increased activities that will require additional human resources.

A latest research report by Oxford Economics shows that 277,149 jobs would be created between 2013-2021 and 40 per cent of which would be within the travel and tourism sectors.

The report estimates that 90 per cent of the projected 277,149 employment opportunities would occur from 2018 to 2021 with the ramp up to Expo 2020 and the demand generated by the 25 million expected visitors. “Out of the 90 per cent, or 147,000 jobs would be created in the travel and tourism sector, indicating the significant potential to convert a high percentage into permanent jobs to serve the expanded economy in the post-Expo period,” the report says.

Andrew Scott, Professor of Economics and Deputy Dean of London Business School, said that an important aspect of the event is engagement of the local population with the success of the event and the wider economy.

Engaging the population

“Engaging the population in an event of national pride, helping them participate and celebrate in the success of the country and enhancing national pride will serve both to develop Emiratisation and enhance national welfare,” he said.

Importantly, the report demonstrates the positive impact for the wider region showing that for every Expo employee approximately 60 additional jobs will be sustained across other parts of the MENA economy.

“From airport to seaport, the UAE will see perpetual inflow of goods and people,” Gianchandani says. “Hotels will see record number of visitors all around in the UAE. As big chunk of government income consist of visa fees, it will have significant jump in the GDP of the country and these mean greater employment and increased consumption.”