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New units to ease Abu Dhabi realty crunch

Survey shows major construction boom in the emirate coinciding with rapid economic growth in last five years

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Abu Dhabi: There are 10,149 buildings under construction in Abu Dhabi, according to a survey by Statistics Centre-Abu Dhabi.

"The outlook for the real estate sector in the short term will see these units gradually entering the market and raising the supply graph," said the survey, which is the second phase of the national project to update buildings, housing, households and establishments for 2010.

Some 5,455 of the buildings under construction, or 53.7 per cent of the total, are in the Abu Dhabi region, 3,828 (37.7 per cent) in Al Ain, and 866 in the Western Region.

The survey revealed that Abu Dhabi has a total of 165,071 buildings of which 5,436 are two-storey buildings and 34,457 villas — and 10,149 buildings under construction. Real property units numbered 382,016 units, of which 40,593 are vacant. Operating establishments totalled 90,024.

This survey, SCAD said, is the largest statistical operation undertaken in Abu Dhabi and employed more than 1,000 field enumerators.

The third phase of the project will involve enumeration and determination of the demographic characteristics of the emirate's population.

SCAD said the results "confirm that Abu Dhabi has experienced a major construction boom over the past five years, coinciding with the accelerated economic growth that characterised the period in question, during which the number of buildings in the emirate grew by 43 per cent from 115,390 in 2005 to 165,071 at present".

The Abu Dhabi region contains 4,084 or 84.4 per cent of the emirate's total multi-storey buildings (apartment buildings), compared with 565 buildings in the Al Ain region and 188 in the Western Region.

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