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New Maserati model to hit the ground running

GTS version will have a price tag upwards of Dh525,000

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The initial shipments of the new Maserati Quattroporte GTS will not be spending too much time in the showroom. The first batch of the model — currently in its sixth generation and with a base price of Dh525,000 apiece — will be in the market by April and is completely booked, according to a top official with Al Tayer Motors, the dealership.

Pre-launch bookings have been open since early this month. “The Quattroporte has been very successful in the UAE as the sales percentage places it among the highest selling markets,” said Hossam Hosni, general manager for luxury auto at the dealership. “Al Tayer Motors had completed the sales inventory of the fifth generation a long time back.”

The Quattroporte GTS brings on the big cylinders and fires them. Sporting a V8, it can deliver on 433 hp through a six-speed automatic gearbox. Clearly, there is no stinting on the performance delivery.

These are interesting times for Maserati with a packed schedule beckoning in the coming months. June will see the launch of the Ghibli as the Italian manufacturer widens its choice at the entry level of the high-end sportscar range.

Then there is to be Maserati SUV – “Called Levante, (it) will be in the market in 2014,” said Hosni. A similar strategy provided a home run for Porsche when it came out with the Cayenne in 2003.

According to a top official at Fiat Chrysler Group, Maserati’s intention is to build a vehicle line-up that can accommodate volumes in the 50,000 units a year range from the current 6,000.