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Abu Dhabi authorities destroy 11,263 fake items

Abu Dhabi plans a major crackdown on street vendors this year

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  • Published: 00:00 May 24, 2010
  • Gulf News

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  • The first batch of counterfeit products, some of which pose health hazards to consumers, being destroyed.

Dubai: The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development destroyed the first batch of counterfeit products, some of which pose health hazards to consumers.

Ahmad Taresh Obaid Al Qubaisi, director of commercial protection, said: "This batch is the beginning of a series of operations we are planning to conduct during 2010, to eradicate this malpractice ... as well as to preserve the pleasant look of the emirate by putting an end to the phenomenon of street vendors".

Al Qubaisi further said: "2010 will witness a tremendous change in the inspectors' practice, especially after providing them with enough training to empower them to perform their job".

He praised the collaboration of law enforcement authorities and the judicial sector.

The total number of destroyed products reached 11,263, consisting of the following: 402 tobacco and nutrition products, 2,710 cosmetics, skin care and shampoo, 5,129 electronic and electrical products and phones, 3,022 clothing, shoes and accessories.

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