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Houston exhibit to open in Los Angeles

Items to be displayed include rare photos and footage of the Grammy-winning star, stage costumes, and career scrapbooks from her early career

  • AFP
  • Published: 10:42 August 3, 2012
  • Tabloid on Saturday

  • Image Credit: Broadimage / Rex Features
  • The exhibit in honour of late pop diva Whitney Houston will open on August 15. (Rex Features)

An exhibit in honour of late pop icon Whitney Houston will open in Los Angeles next month, half a year after her lifeless body was discovered in a hotel bathtub.

The exhibit, titled Whitney! and organised in conjunction with the singer’s family, will open at the Grammy Museum on August 15.

“Whitney! will provide an in-depth look at all aspects of Houston’s creative life,” the museum, in downtown Los Angeles, said in a statement.

Items to be displayed include rare photos and footage of the Grammy-winning star, stage costumes, albums and career scrapbooks from her early career, as well as concert posters, tour books and fan memorabilia.

The museum has also asked artists and musicians who worked with Houston or were influenced by her to share their thoughts on the pop diva. These will be shown in the form of short films.

Houston was found dead on February 11 in a luxury Beverly Hills hotel bathtub on the eve of the music industry’s annual Grammy Awards show. Coroners concluded she died by accidental drowning, with cocaine use and heart disease as contributing factors. She was 48.

Houston sold more than 170 million records during a near three-decade career, but in later years fought a long and public battle against substance abuse while trying to keep her performing talent alive.

In 1992, she starred alongside Kevin Costner in the movie The Bodyguard for which she sang I will always love you.

The exhibit is due to run through February 2013.

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