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  • Published: 09:38 June 18, 2012
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This week, Surina from The One Breakfast (6-10 weekday mornings) tells you what’s hot

Nicki Minaj – Pound the Alarm

Nicki Minaj is on fire these days. This is the latest single from her second album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, enlisting a mix of electronic dance, techno, and house-pop, a touch of raveand dubstep breakdown. It’s had mixed reviews, with critics saying it’s too close to her smash Starships. Maybe you should decide?

Lil Wayne / Big Sean – My Homies Still

Bit of drama surrounding this single, but lets keep to the music. A high energy, track with a skittering beat. This is certainly adding to the build up of to the release of Wayne’s forthcoming sequel album, I Am Not a Human Being 2.

Calvin Harris / Example – We’ll Be Coming Back

In case you missed it this is the one that sounds like a country/western song — little off the wall at first but then grows on you each time you hear it. A must have for your summer track listing.

Sean Kingston / T.I. – Back 2 Life

Sean Kingston has not only recovered from a near fatal jet ski accident, but he’s back on the music scene with a mission. Taken from his upcoming album by the same name, like a great movie it has a stellar cast of collaborations including Rihanna, Cee Lo Green, Kanye West, Shakira, Dr. Dre and a whole host more. A great track, sampling from Soul II Soul’s Back to Life, it’ll be creating memories.

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