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Leaning telephone booth a safety hazard

Reader is worried the booth might fall on a passerby and injure someone

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Left: The leaning telephone booth was spotted by Gulf News reader. Right: The booth was immediately fixed by etisalat.
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I wanted to raise awareness about an issue I came across in Sharjah’s Al Rolla area. I saw an etisalat telephone booth on a busy street of this area leaning dangerously, almost about to fall down. As a regularly visitor of this area, I would come across this on a daily basis and this telephone booth has been in this condition for the past two months.

Even though the concerned municipal authorities are trying their best to beautify the city, this type of negligence from the telecommunication company raises questions.

This is also a safety hazard because the telephone booth may fall down at any time and injure a pedestrian who was passing by at the time. In my opinion, there is no need for such booths in public anymore as majority of the people carry mobiles. It would be better to remove this telephone booth as a permanent solution. However, if the telecommunication company decides to install telephone booths around the country, they need to ensure that they are secured and not a threat to those few who use them. I hope they look into this matter as it is a serious concern.

— The reader is based in Sharjah.

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The reader’s concerns were raised with the management of etisalat. They immediately investigated the issue and technicians were deployed to the site to fix the telephone booth and resolve the issue.

They wrote: “Kindly note that the issue was resolved. Please find the photograph to show that the telephone booth has been restored.”


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