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As members, you enjoy first priority when Gulf News looks for input from its readers. It will provide you a wider platform to voice your views, participate in debates and help play a larger role in getting the nation's voice across. The conversation is open to everyone.

Once you become a member, it will enable us to get your opinion on issues that matter. Additionally, your letters to the editor will be given precedence as a Reader's Club member.

Please be advised that once you become a Readers Club member, it is obliged that when you write your opinion or story, it would be exclusive to Gulf News. We would also require your picture for the print edition in case we use your comments on developing news or important issues.

How active do you want to be?

Citizen reporting has taken Gulf News by storm. Our world is made of little communities and our readers are our eyes and ears in the streets. If it matters to you, it matters to us.

Become involved in sharing issues that affect you – from an open storm drain that is flooding your street, to reporting a lost puppy! Click photographs of the situation and send them in with your report.

Become a citizen reporter for Gulf News and let the reporter in you shine.

How do I sign up?

Simply send us an email indicating your interest at and we will get in touch with you.

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