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Mixed feelings about working with millenials

Readers are split on whether they like working with millenials as a very creatively driven workforce

According to the report, ‘Millennials: Workforce of the future’, published in the Nation section of Gulf News on October 31, in 10 years the millennials will make up 75 per cent of the global workforce. At the Global Leaders Conference in Abu Dhabi in October, it was said that the young adult workforce needs to be treated based on what motivates them or they could lose them.

Gulf News asked readers online whether they like working with millennials and readers were split.

Earlier this year a new acronym was created to describe the millennial workforce: Instead of the young urban professional “yuppie”, we now have the young urban creative “yuccie” – pronounced ‘yucky’. The idea is that the upcoming generation prefers the risk of going creative more than making money and if they are to make a lot of money, they want it to be because of their creativity.

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