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Ties between India and the UAE

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Ties between India and the UAE

For more than a decade, the UAE and India have had very good ties, especially in business and in the area of manpower, from the time of the Founding Father of the UAE Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan (“Modi’s balancing act in the Middle East”, Gulf News, February 14). Whether it is entrepreneurs contributing to the field of pharmaceuticals or those dominating the educational sphere, the presence of prominent business houses run by Indians speaks about the rapport India has with the UAE. Both countries have the ambition to expand, and I think this was one of the reasons for furthering ties with each other. Ever since Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took office, the ties between the two countries have increased. After his recent visit, UAE and India have agreed on many new initiatives for mutual benefit. Above all, the two countries are keen on eradicating terrorism and establishing peace for the region’s stability.

From Mr K Ragavan


Marks and the board exams

Most Indian children are now traveling on the road to their board examinations (“KHDA Ranks: Best Indian and Pakistani schools in Dubai”, Gulf News, February 14). Unfortunately, many children are denied the right to write the examinations by the school authorities, on the basis of model or preliminary board examinations conducted internally by the school. Many students are disqualified and hence, cannot write their exams. Being a teacher, some such unfortunate parents approached me for a solution. I told them that it was too late. If a student is promoted from grade 11 to grade 12, he has all the right to appear for the board exams. No one can deny this. I heard that some schools are asking parents for a letter if their child has underperformed. It was proved that many children scoring low marks are performing better for their boards. If a child is weak in academics, the school can recommend that they repeat a grade or some other option. Hope the authorities concerned will give attention to this problem.

From Mr Ajithkumar T. V


Difference between children and adults

Yes, YouTube stars and online bloggers do have a moral responsibility to deliver good, appropriate content (“YouTube suspends ads from Logan Paul’s channels”, Gulf News, February 11). This is not just applicable for the YouTube stars or bloggers but for people in general. For people who have an audience looking up to them, especially when their audience is younger, it is always better to inspire people to better themselves. Altogether it is considered sensitive based on the audience type - adult audiences are mentally stronger and hence they might be unaffected to online content, as compared to the younger audiences.

From Mr Nishchay Oswal


Need for responsible content

You Tube stars need to be made accountable for the kind of videos they post online. As a mother of a son, I know he is on social media and he follows celebrities and other ‘vloggers’. He is at an impressionable age and while I can’t prevent him from going online, I would be at peace if these celebrities put up appropriate content, that do not hurt the sentiments of others.

From Ms Meena K


A taxing tax reform

This is with reference to the comments of India’s United Progressive Alliance’s (UPA) Finance Minister that the National Democratic Party’s budget has failed the people of India on all fronts (“India’s finance minister walks a tight rope”, Gulf News, February 2). He has probably forgotten that he is the father of many tax reforms himself, especially the Service Tax, which started at 2 per cent and has now increased. It is like the pot calling the kettle black. We the common man, especially the salaried middle classes are the ones who are suffering.

From Mr N Viswanathan


In honour of those who serve

It’s amazing that 600 nannies and domestic workers were honoured at the Samaritan Ministry of St Mary’s Church (“A Wow! moment for 600 nannies”, Gulf News, February 10). These people are here working selflessly to support their families back home. Domestic workers are also human beings and they should be treated with mercy and kindness. They should be given proper care and paid their salaries on time. We all should treat them as equals and provide them with proper food, shelter and rest, according to the law. This program is a tribute and recognition for their hard work. It provides self-respect and upholds the dignity of woman and their rights.

From Mr Eappen Elias


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