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The better leader?

Readers write to Gulf News about issues affecting them and their community

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The better leader?

I always support Imran Khan, the head of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) party (“Why Imran Khan won’t get power easily in Pakistan”, Gulf News, July 31). I belong to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) region of Pakistan, and the hospitals, education and police force is better there than it has ever been in the past 70 years. There is no corruption and if you come across any, you can complain to the police, who are very supportive. The education system is based on merit and the hospital has hundreds of international doctors from around the world. Every year, primary level exams are conducted in the area. Earlier, Peshawar was full of dust, but it is now known to the world as the ‘flower city’. This is why I feel the country needs Khan in power. He will give Pakistan a bright future and will help lead the country like a true captain.

From Mr K. Halak


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Fighting corruption in Pakistan

July 28 was a historical day for Pakistan. The Supreme Court’s verdict of disqualifying the prime minister on the basis of corruption and concealment of assets was a landmark moment in the political history of the country. The institutions of the country must take this decision forward and must play their integral role towards a system based on justice and rule of law. Why can’t we have politicians who are truthful and trustworthy? The two sections of the society who need to contribute are the institutions and the voters. The Supreme Court of Pakistan and the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) have done their part and have given the direction that the nation needed.

One man who has emerged victorious in this struggle is none other than Imran Khan. Khan raised his voice against corruption. He faced all sorts of obstacles and criticism from every section of society, but he did not give up. Khan is the only person who is daring and courageous enough to talk about issues like corruption and money laundering.

From Mr Khaula Shahbaz Rao

Lahore, Pakistan

Pushing boundaries

I wish my country, Pakistan, will be ruled by a patriotic, honest, dedicated and educated person. We have lots of hidden talent.

From Mr Mohammad Altaf

Ras Al Khaimah

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Going the extra mile

It’s inspiring and encouraging to see that Dubai Police has granted the wish of an eight-year-old boy to be an officer (“Dubai Police grant boys wish to be an officer”, Gulf News, July 31). The boy’s request was tweeted by his father to Dubai Police and within 24 hours, he was gifted with a police officer’s uniform. This incident proves that Dubai Police is for the welfare of people. This is yet another example of how social media works for the wishes of the people in Dubai.

From Mr Eappen Elias


Lifestyle changes cause heart disease

The lifestyle and change in perspective of the new generation is contributing to this alarming trend (“Revealed: 1 in 4 Indians die from heart disease”, Gulf News, August 1). When Indians change drastically and try to embrace a new way of life, their traditions can be buried forever. There has already been an assessment of those who live in developed countries and who are trying to adapt a system without doing much research. Their eating patterns, along with a stressful family life and work situation, all contribute to this shocking revelation. The focus should be on preventing the disease and how one can contribute in making it more beneficial. While medical treatment is only possible once the disease is detected, one must have the willingness to take care of oneself in a mature way to make one’s life more enjoyable in every aspect.

From Mr Ramachandran Nair


Wastage needs to end

I have observed sheer wastage of salads because of the all-you-can-eat offer by some restaurants (“Stop the concept of ‘salad stacking’”, Gulf News, July 26). I get furious when I see people filling their plates with so much food, which they obviously cannot finish. Once people start stacking, they don’t want to stop. It is wrong that they are wasting so much food. I believe that one must be aware of one’s appetite and should take food accordingly. Even my friends do this, despite me stopping them every time. I was really glad to see this issue covered as a community report in Gulf News. I hope that restaurants review their rules.

From Ms Lisa Arora


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