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nyFacebook debate: Stop reckless drivers!

Are safe driving awareness campaigns enough when drivers break the law regardless?

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We need obedience

Safety campaigns are held for the protection and security of those who travel on roads. But many errant drivers seem to throw caution to the wind. Over-speeding, tailgating, jumping signals and changing lanes erratically are some of the main reasons for accidents. Safety campaigns will be fruitful only when motorists and pedestrians diligently follow the rules of the road. Even the general public should be briefed about the disastrous consequences of disobeying road safety rules, with the help of illustrations or documentaries. Children should be made aware of the five important words when they travel on the road: Stop, look, listen, think and cross. Success of road safety campaigns entirely depends on individuals who abide by the rules of the road.

From Ms Jayashree Kulkarni

Abu Dhabi

Constant effort

It’s such a shame that people deliberately break the law. The woman who got fined in Dubai after a police officer’s warning should have listened. Thumbs up to Dubai police for their constant effort.

From Mr Nasser Shoaib



People who break the rules need to understand that there are consequences!

From Mr Jerry Kajfasz


Increase fines

I don’t think that fining only Dh200 is enough to stop motorists who are aware of the law. These errant drivers need to be taught a tough lesson.

From Mr Shamim Ahmad Quazi


Normal irregularities

Police officers do their work for the safety of the public and to protect society from violent crimes. However, traffic irregularities from time to time are normal.

From Mr Syed Ali


Can’t ignore such people

Really, Mr Syed Ali? People too often think they’re above the law when they’re committing such offences. To ignore a police officer even though he gave a warning, shows complete disregard for the law and shows no respect.

From Mr Mark Heather


Campaigns aren’t enough

People should understand that if they obey all the driving regulations, they will get to their destination with the least amount of trouble. They should respect traffic laws and their fellow drivers.

Due to motorists not following the law, there are many accidents that have happened, that could have been prevented. There are certain rules that have been prepared for the benefit of people. People should carefully observe all the rules and regulations. It is an efficient process if they are careful, considerate and patient.

Traffic rules are both laws and informal norms that have been established over time to facilitate the orderly and timely flow of traffic. There are many accidents that are costing people their lives and people should understand that they are putting their lives at stake while breaking the laws. I feel safe driving awareness campaigns are not enough when drivers break the law regardless.

From Ms Megna Rajagopal


Can’t be tolerated!

Despite the kind consideration shown to the woman in the recent Gulf News report, she continued to break the traffic laws. There are many erring drivers who endanger the lives of other motorists day in and day out. This is a common sight in Bur Dubai. Many taxi drivers jump over from the dedicated lanes meant for buses and taxis, and cross over to the lane meant for motorists. Their taxis must be impounded for at least 15 days and they must be fined heavily with black points.

A police officer must be placed in certain areas for a few days to catch such drivers so that the news spreads among drivers that their reckless driving will no longer be tolerated.

From Mr Mohammad Yousuf Khan


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