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Beware of fraudulent water purifying companies

Some people are missing the point in the article titled Water Filter Scam Exposed, pages 10-11, February 23


Some people are missing the point in the article titled Water Filter Scam Exposed, pages 10-11, February 23.

The water purifying system is not bad in principle - it's the way it is sold by these fraudsters that is unacceptable. The strategy used by them to sell their inferior products is deplorable. Reputed brands like Forbes, Aquaguard and Philips do not resort to these gimmicks to sell their products. Fraudulent companies invariably use the following tactics:

1. Insist on a demo at your home; they never show up at trade shows or public places for demos.

2. Insist on having your family around during the demo. If one person within the family is scared into believing their water quality is bad their product is considered sold.

3. Show you newspaper cuttings — negative ones are conveniently missed.

4. They do not allow you to add common salt to their water, which may alter the test results.

5. Carry list of customers and a bagful of filled forms but never give you any reference numbers.

So don't get cheated. There are scams happening all around us. Please research before zeroing in on your water filtration system.

Zubair, Dubai

Scam exposed
Some of these companies visited my residence for the demonstration and what happened was exactly what has been stated in the article (Water Filter Scam Exposed, pages 10-11, February 23).

Fortunately, I was not conned because I work for one of the most reputed bottled water companies in the UAE. The salesperson said he once visited a bottling company (which happened to be the same where I work) and had experienced certain unhealthy conditions.

I tricked him to describe the structure of the plant, which obviously he couldn't. I immediately realised that the filtration company was fraud and asked the salesperson to leave my house.

Had I not personally worked in a bottled water company, I may have purchased the filtration system.

Gavin Rebello, Dubai

Thanks to XPRESS

First I would like to thank XPRESS for bringing this issue to our attention. I purchased a water purifier in October 2011 and have been using the water ever since.

I am now very concerned about the health of my family. Can someone please help me by giving me the number of a lab where I can get the water tested?

Nilusha Weeramanthri, Dubai

Scare-mongering policy

The article did not say that filtration systems are not good. It said agents are using scare-mongering to sell them. Personally I know that the tap water that comes from desalination plants matches international drinking water standards. The problems are with the storage and local delivery of this water. If storage tanks and pipes are not cleaned and sanitised on a regular basis, they will contaminate the water. I use bottled water for drinking as I have no confidence in the delivery and storage of tap water. If you have a filtration system at home, keep using it. It will definitely improve the quality of the water.

Ali, Abu Dhabi

Do your own research

It's evident that the writer of this article relies on what his research says. It's a worldwide proven fact that bottled water can cause cancer as chemicals are released into the water when the bottles are exposed to heat or sunlight.

It is safe to drink tap water in Abu Dhabi as the city has the best and the cleanest water purifying system in the UAE. Installing your own filtration system is just an added benefit. I have used it and am happy. Scams are those businesses that ask you for money and you don't get anything in return. So readers must do their own research before buying a water filtration system.

Guerrero, Abu Dhabi

Water filters are safe

I have been using water filters for the last four years and am very satisfied. I can't trust bottled water as I am scared of the preservatives in it. Moreover, I am not comfortable with the storage system in these bottled water companies. To remain healthy, we need to change the filter on a regular basis. Reverse osmosis (RO) system is being sold in India as the government is supporting it under its clean water campaign. This is the reason why bottled water companies are scared of the increasing demand for RO systems.

Avinash, Sharjah

RO filter is better

I believe that RO filter water is much better than bottled water.

I have been using this system for the last three years and have found this economical and good for the health. Whenever I have changed the filter, I have found it filled with rust and dust.

Dr Hasnat, Sharjah

Well done Ajman!

Excellent move by Ajman authorities (Ajman Groceries Banned From Selling Cigarettes, page 3, February 23)! It's a very efficient step to fight smoking!

The same rule should apply to hypermarkets and supermarkets and only licensed smoking shops should be allowed to sell cigarettes. This will force people to stop smoking. Well done Ajman!

Sole, Dubai

Safety first for all

Life is important for everyone in the world (Engineer, Three Others Suffer Burns In Concourse 3, page 3, February 23). So please take necessary action to avoid such incidents in future. Please don't put tight schedules on a project, which may result in loss of lives and always keep safety issues in mind. I pray that he recovers soon.

Name withheld, Abu Dhabi


Editor's note: Abdul Subhan Fajr Allah, 26, the electrical engineer who suffered 90 per cent burns on his body in an accident at Dubai International Airport's Concourse 3, unfortunately succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday.

Sad report

This is a heart-wrenching report (My Name is Zaki Mohammad, I Don't Know Who I Am', page 3, February 23). I shall pass this story around and pray that his family, friends or employers come forward and recognise him.

Reem, Dubai

Media help

Publish this report in Bangladesh newspapers. I shall also send the XPRESS link to my friends in Bangladesh.

Imran Ahmad, Ras Al Khaimah

Residence permit

I hope he finds out everything about himself ... Dubai Police and the immigration authorities can help identify his residence permit, which will clearly state his employer, who will obviously have further details about his job, family, etc..

Name withheld, Dubai


Editor's note: An XPRESS reader identifited Zaki Mohammad within hours of the newspaper hitting the stands. His family members have been contacted and efforts are on by the NGO Valley of Love to reunite him with his family.

Unconditional love

A mother is always a mother (Indian Mum, 81, Sells Ancestral Land To Save Son's Dubai Building, page 4, February 23). She has shown unconditional love to her son. I am happy to read stories like these. I salute Ashok Galgotia for not giving up. You should be rewarded for showing exceptional strength. May God shower you and all those who helped you with blessings!

Name withheld, UAE

Heartwarming story

I am touched by this story. It is true that mothers always put their children's interests before anything else. When I had to leave my last job, I too was helped by my mother to clear my credit card debts, etc.. She was instrumental in making my brother lend me money. Today, I have a good job and my company's advance has helped me pay off 75 per cent of my debts, but it was my mother who helped me in the initial stage. Cheers to all mothers!

Reny Varughese, Dubai

Mum's love

Love you mum! Mum is always a mum, dependable in every situation! All the best to you, Ashok Galgotia, for your determination!

Ashok, Dubai

God bless all mothers!

No wonder they say: ‘Beneath the mother's feet is paradise.' A mother will do anything to save her child from all troubles. God bless all mothers!

Hussain, Dubai

Family matter

Are we to sympathise with Ashok Galgotia? This is a family matter and most families help each other during crisis. We know what Dubai rents had been before recession and what pain families had to go through and how developers exploited the situation.

Name withheld, Dubai

Use plastic money

This is all the more reason to use my debit card (‘Class A' Fakes Stump Officials, pages 6-7, February 23). The authorities should make it possible for residents to use Emirates ID cards or NOL cards for monetary transactions to prevent bad notes from coming into circulation.

Name withheld, Dubai


Thanks for the photo showing ultraviolet light separating the genuine from the fake. Most people do not know how UV light detects fake currencies and how one should look for luminous markings on a genuine note.

Prasad V., Sharjah

Security features

The Reserve Bank of India should adopt the latest security features in currency notes. Otherwise everyone will be afraid of Indian currency.

Girish R. Edathitta, Dubai

Transact via banks

India should introduce a law where all single transactions above Rs5,000 (Dh374) are made using a bank account (cheques or online transfers). This will reduce the use of cash and help authorities curb this menace.

Name withheld, Dubai

Fake notes crisis

This is scary… how can we differentiate fake notes from genuine ones? We get notes from shops, supermarkets, people, etc, and if a fake one is found on us, we are held responsible. What do we do?

Name withheld, Dubai