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Bills continue for disconnected service despite cancellation

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I have a landline, internet, and TV connection at home. I signed up for the connection in September 2014. But in April 2016, I called du’s customer service and made a request to cancel my TV connection due to non-usage. I got a call back from their customer service personnel later, and they said they would not cancel the television account. They said I need not pay the amount for the television subscription, and my revised amount would be Dh275. I clearly asked them whether I would incur any extra charges because of this, and he replied with a clear ‘no’. But later, when I checked my February 2017 bill, I found that I was being charged for the television subscription as well, which I was not even using, and found that the same had been charged in previous bills from November 2016.

When I inquired about this, they said it was just a six-month offer and the offer was over, hence the charges. But I had clearly requested them to cancel my connection for television, since I was not using the same. They claimed that the customer care executive had told me on the phone that it was only for six months. I am not able to recollect the same, as I did not have any plans of using the television connection.

Hence, I request them to refund the excess charges, which have been paid already, and to send a corrected bill for the current month.

Thank you Gulf News, for the service rendered, so that we can escalate the issue to the higher authorities, which is seemingly not possible through customer service officers.

From Mr Binie Vijay


A spokesperson from du responds:

With reference to the customer’s query, we have investigated the matter. Since we have been unable to get through to the customer on the phone, we have emailed the bill details to the email ID registered with us.

(Process initiation: March 20. Response from organisation: March 30. Process completion: April 5.)

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