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8 of 10 do not check salt content in food

Excess salt is bad for health

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Diets rich in salt contribute to high blood pressure and an increased risk of heart disease, as stated in the Gulf News report, “Do you know the level of salt in your bread?” published in the Nation section on November 22.

According to the report, bread is the biggest contributor of salt in our diet as 34 per cent of our daily salt consumption comes from it. While different kinds of bread vary in their salt content, burger buns, white bread and brown bread have a high sodium concentration.

We asked our readers if they check the level of sodium on food packets and a majority of people, 86 per cent, said that they do not. Gulf News reader Cassandra Debbie Sandra Jr. commented on our Facebook page and said that she checks sodium levels, “especially on water bottles”.

According to the article, traditional breads are not labelled with nutritional information, making it difficult for the consumers to know the salt content. This might be why people are not in the habit of checking.

If breads and other foods contain nutritional labels, will people be more conscious of their salt consumption? Tell us at