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Man seeks help for his three blind boys

His children, ages 12 to 14, have been afflicted with similar disabilities since birth

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Brothers in need. Mohammad Ammad, Mohammad Hammad and Mohammad Taiyab

AJMAN: A Pakistani father in Ajman is seeking help to buy mobility tools and fund the education of his three blind and physically handicapped children.

“They all suffer from the same set of problems,” said Mohammad Younus.

His second child, Mohammad Taiyab, 14, and the youngest (twins), Mohammad Hammad and Mohammad Ammad, 12, were born with eye cataracts that led to blindness. “They have congenital rubella syndrome that caused the eye abnormalities,” he said.

Younus, who is a father of four and earns a monthly salary of Dh5,000, said, “It’s difficult to manage daily expenses for six people. My oldest son is in grade 10, Taiyab goes to a special school in Bur Dubai but I don’t have funds to enrol the twins,” he added. Younus stays in a one bedroom apartment with his wife and children paying an annual rent of Dh23,000.

Younus says he has exhausted all his savings. “I have nowhere to go. My wife had to discontinue her job last year after one of them injured himself severely while we were away. It has been really tough since,” said the 45-year-old.

He said it’s difficult to send the family back to Pakistan as his wife can’t take handle the boys by herself.

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