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30 seconds with Saroj Khan

Veteran Bollywood choreographer talks about her latest visit to Dubai

Image Credit: GN Archives
Saroj Khan, veteran Bollywood choreographer

What brought you to Dubai this time?

I was here for the Symphony of Wonders concert at the ASPAM Indian International School.

What was the concert about?

It was a concert by KG1 kids who were put on a larger platform to display their skills. The Symphony of Wonders concert celebrated the uniqueness of every child. Each child is like the seven wonders of the world.

Each of the wonders is magnificent in its own individual beauty, bearing no resemblance to anything in the world. The bona fide wonders of the world are our children who possess extraordinary talents and gifts. Just like the seven colours in a rainbow or the seven notes of music that combine to form one single stunning entity, the children at the concert were one in harmony as they entertained on the stage.

Did they pass your exacting standards?

It was a treat to watch these little children enjoy themselves.

I saw that they were very excited when they were dancing and that motivation is given to them by their parents and teachers. That is very important and should continue as it brings out the best in them at a very early age.

What message would you like to give young aspiring dancers?

We, the older generation, are there to show them the way. My message to today’s kids is, “Be lively, be happy and take the initiative, don’t let shyness stop you from doing what you enjoy.”


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