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Say ‘Thank you’ to restroom attendants

Heart touching campaign aimed at bringing cheer to a neglected community kicks off on June 15

  • Good Samaritans pose with shopping trolleys carrying gift bags for bathroom attendantsImage Credit: Supplied
  • Nearly 200 gift bags will be handed out to bathroom attendantsImage Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Ever thanked the bathroom attendant after using a mall restroom? If your answer is no, then this is your chance to make up for it. Catch a Smile Campaign, a heart-warming initiative that starts on June 15, enables you to personally hand out gift bags to attendants at any mall restroom.

The gesture is being carried out by Dubomedy’s Clowns Who Care group for a second year in a row. “These people work so hard. But they feel invisible. So we just want to thank them and tell them that they are doing a fantastic job,” Dubomedy founder Mina Liccione told XPRESS.

The campaign which kicks off on June 15 runs till June 18. According to Mina, nearly 30 volunteers have signed up and collectively pledged over 200 gift bags.

To sign up, volunteers must log on to ‘Clowns Who Care’ Facebook page and sign up with their personal details. The volunteers will then have to mention a mall they would visit, and an appropriate time to do so. They will also need to specify whether they would like to take on the women’s or men’s restrooms. Once the registration is done, volunteers will need to hand out the gift bags.

As Mina says, “Volunteers are free to give anything they fancy. Alternatively, they can look up our Facebook page for ideas where people have suggested things like chocolate, perfume/oils, dried food products, health and beauty products, calling cards, clothing items, towels, sun glasses and even small stuffed animals. There is no minimum or maximum number of bags an individual can distribute.

Apart from being a warm gesture, Dubomedy wants city residents to stop taking cleaners and blue collar workers for granted. Mina and her team saw a lot of these attendants break into tears last year, when they received their goody bags. “The attendants were so overwhelmed. They thanked us a million times. Something so small can make their day and this has inspired us to drive the initiative again,” Mina says.


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