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A world of flavours at Global Village

Here are some irresistible reasons to visit the annual shopping and entertainment fair before it closes on April 7


Dubai: The 22nd edition of Global Village draws to a close this Saturday. If you haven’t visited the annual shopping and entertainment fair yet this season, this is the last weekend to do so. We suggest you do. And to make your trip a memorable one, we bring you an array of lip-smacking savories, snacks and desserts you can sample as you look for season closing bargains. There are over 120 themed kiosks offering flavours from around the world:

Street snacks:

Bosnian Kebabs

For Dh30 a plate, treat yourself to some mouth-watering kebabs at the Bosnian House Kebab & Pita kiosk close to the Balkans pavilion. The beef kebabs are popular here and they are served with Pita bread and sauces.

Dynamite Shrimp

This is a popular appetiser in Thailand. The shrimps are deep fried to golden perfection and served with a honey-mayonnaise light dressing. A plate with six pieces of shrimp balls is priced Dh20.

Tender Burrito

The Mexican street food snack, priced Dh35 a plate, consists of two wrapped burritos. The tortilla is lightly grilled and the wraps come with meat and vegetable fillings. It is served along with French fries and soft drinks.

Turkish baked potato

This is a healthy snack to bite into at the Turkish Sultanahmet kiosk. A baked potato, or jacket potato as it is also called, is served with a variety of fillings including cheese, sour cream, quos-quos and beetroot salad among others. Priced: Dh25

Lobster roll

The lobster roll (Dh36.50) at the Junior Sea Food kiosk is one snack not to miss. Served with a pack of fries, the lobster meat is mixed with mayonnaise and lemon juice and stuffed inside a grilled hot-dog style bun.

Masala dosa

If you are looking for something Indian, try the masala dosa. The popular South Indian version of crepe comes with a potato filling and served with chutney and vegetable lentil gravy on the side. Price: Dh15 a plate.

Calamarie fry

The calamarie fry at the Junior Dynamite kiosk is a nice crispy snack to bite into. It consists of rings of fried squid, served with a special sauce for just Dh21.

Nepalese momos

The steamed dumpling with vegetable and chicken fillings (Dh25) at the Nepal pavilion is a hit with visitors. It’s a must-try.

Masala Puri Dilli style

You have probably tried the paani puri, or dahi batata puri, at Kha Galee in the India pavilion but have you tried the masala puri there? Don’t miss it! Priced Dh16, it’s a sweet and spicey snack your taste buds will fall in love with.

Turkish Gozlame

Gözleme (Dh30) is a traditional Turkish savory made of hand-rolled leaves of a dough called yufka. Available at a stall near the Cultural Stage, it comes with various toppings and fillings of egg, meat and vegetables.


Priced Dh10, this Emirati dish is a meaty wrap made of layers of bread. The meat and vegetables are boiled and the flavourful stew is poured over a thick layer of bread.



Coming all the way from South Africa, this is a frozen dessert made of sweetened water. Priced Dh21, it comes in a number of interesting flavours - chocolate coconut, mandarin orange, coconut, pomegranate lemon, mango orange, zesty lemon, red apple and sweet pineapple.


Prepared by Emirati women at the Village, these are traditional sweet dumplings served with date syrup and garnished with sesame seeds. A plate costs Dh10.

Russian ice-cream

As you enter the Russian pavilion you cannot miss these ice-cream sellers enticing you to buy one of their flavoured scoops – but a favourite among visitors is the tangy strawberry. For Dh35, you get a bowl of ice-cream with three scoops.

Mini pancakes

Priced Dh15 a plate, the pancakes can be dressed with a number of sauces including Nutella, biscuit, white chocolate, Maple and chocolate syrup.

Malai kulfi

Kulfi is a popular frozen dairy dessert from India and often referred to as the traditional ice-cream of the sub-continent. A stick of malai kulfi costs Dh15 at the Kha Galee in the Indian pavilion.


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