XPRESS is a tabloid news weekly that focuses on the many communities that live in Dubai. XPRESS was launched in March 2007, and it has built itself a solid reputation with its hard hitting community-based stories. It is rich in its diversity, and is a colourful and visually led newspaper.

XPRESS is a “people paper” with a strong emphasis on human interest stories it. It addresses the issues of modern life in the UAE as well as keeping readers up-to-date with the most interesting world news.

XPRESS is divided into three sections with each having a distinct focus on the local:

  • News
  • Life and
  • Sport

That means more local news, more local leisure and more local sport. It also adds more business and international stories that are relevant locally and relevant to the reader.

It is an essential read for any resident or visitor to find out what is happening in every aspect of UAE society.